check if the site are external factors, this mainly refers to the domain name pan parsing and batch chain malicious domain name, pan analytical problem is still relatively good, here to share an article on "malicious domain analysis of the pan do" article, can deal with simple, love Shanghai because of a temporary no better solution this problem; malicious batch chain, need to check the chain information in Webmaster tools, whether the chain jumped or involved in pornography, dispose of it, this problem does not exist in the big Shanghai dragon blog.

website source code if there is malicious modification of the Trojan horse, this is generally more difficult to check. Now a lot of blasting background or FTP hacking tools, then get the site permissions, implanted into the black chain or a Trojan horse, on the surface there will not be any problems, so we need to modify the source code and source antivirus comparison, view the source code has recently been modified which files, check whether this is his change, after examination, the big Shanghai Dragon School program is not a problem;

is another important factor that influence the website, Links. Because Links is equivalent to "vote", is a kind of trust network voting, when your friend chain K station or long term cannot be accessed, your site will be more or less punishment, and a large coke after inspection found that 5 of the friends of the chain there is a problem, this is really small the problem, including the domain name expired, and unable to access the K station, so the website ranking off is a very difficult thing, and the site where the server is not stable in recent weeks, the site scores declined substantially, even some keywords ranking brief to 100, the decline in ranking is the inevitable result.


down the right judgment, had shared a relatively simple and crude judgment method, site query with floating keyword ranking, can probably determine whether a site drop right, but the site down right like eye myopia, can be divided into true myopia and false myopia, the site can be divided into true right down, that has been the focus of the Shanghai Phoenix blog buddies, must pay attention to the two problems, one is the weight change, 2 to 1, another problem is the "Shanghai Dragon School" the keywords ranking decline, so the big Shanghai Dragon School is right down

first, no signs of cheating website internal self-examination. This is relatively simple, such as the title of the deliberate accumulation, the anchor text chain back accumulation, keyword density accumulation, single chain orientation and so on, in front of the "ten excessive optimization" has a detailed description of these problems, in the big Shanghai Dragon School (www.jiaoda Shanghai dragon and Phoenix贵族宝贝/) is of course not exist;

Jiao Da Shanghai Longfeng summary: website ranking and weight decreased dramatically decreased, need a period of observation, generally for a week or so, if the ranking cannot restore >

website and right down

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