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in the first place, because we are the most valued not spend a few dollars to buy a private virtual proxy virtual space is made up, and then buy a domain name, a source program, in fact, most of the new sites was K space has a great relationship, and you own the factors but can not be found, the space is generally K we can self this several factors:

2, no station 301. 301 redirect is doing what I do not say love Shanghai can know, generally do not do 301 of the site is not K, but this only exists in no traces of website optimization. The Shanghai dragon ER website to do the 301 why didn’t do will be K, because he is not the 301 actual 2 mirror sites, with and without 3W 3W is a top-level domain, a domain name is two, then this happens as we optimize one another the weight bearing part of his spider, found 2 kind of content when crawling web site there must be included, will K off one another, and you you did not optimize is unable to obtain the rankings so do 301 harm is huge, but there is one detail in 301, when the bar.

site has reached the normal included state because of cheating or other reasons, like Shanghai and other search engines suddenly deleted all the web pages or just leave home.

K also called trichotillomania (N factors in general)

, a website by K

small range by K (generally only 1 factors)

server provider is not always a problem, change IP, downtime bursts open, love Shanghai spiders on the Internet is disorderly to climb may be the moment you close the open space, leading to a spider crawling fails to leave your site, the next time he will crawl the delay period, so there will be many such as snapshot backwards, not updated snapshot, the article not included etc..

1, the website spaceThis factor

is not your first leased virtual space with the industry site with you, even the same brand of the site in the search engine it seems likely to be a part of you as a permanent station group, K off is normal, this is why every time I Shanghai K station when the studio how is the K site is always less accurate all of the site to be K.

Third of your

: what are not, so called trichotillomania.

second with you in the same IP site is not too much, and sensitive sites, this generally does not occur if that happened after the money, do not buy a good point, with a little less to.

two, which caused by K

features: the home page disappeared, or only home page

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