is the core keywords, then Shanghai dragon er the first thing to understand is that the main products of their company, site location and site of the audience, which will help predict the webmaster search engine users search keywords will. Of course, such words there are two types of options:

? Since

1, the selection of the site of the core keywords

(1) of the first type mainly focus on a limited number of sites or just a keyword, this site in general are relatively easy to optimize. Of course, this situation is very dangerous, because if we want to get more traffic from search engines, then keywords broader some would be better. "

Key words !

did Shanghai Longfeng children should work related to the so-called "Keywords" abnormal familiar with it, after all, in many people’s mind, one part of Shanghai Longfeng work is dealing with key words, we need to improve the site keywords ranking, also need to expand more, according to the user’s search keywords more broadly, in order to improve their site traffic. After all, the flow is the real effect of feedback of all leaders valued most, more than your daily report "enhance the keywords from twenty-fifth to fifth" meaning, so every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners from now re understanding of the "key"

in Shanghai Longfeng terminology, "keyword" is a word or a group of the most important embodiment of website content, of course, keywords play an important role in the search engine optimization, because the search engine will use keywords to index website, therefore, understand the site how to successfully use keywords is the key Shanghai Longfeng link process. Such as the Hefei talent network www.400815贵族宝贝, you can see the different sites and different keywords, while ranking more forward, this is a significant marker in website optimization.


said the significance of so many keywords, or the next Xiaobian together to understand, how to choose our website more appropriate keywords

most of the process of search engine optimization requirements webmaster best reflect the site’s content, and according to the specific keywords to optimize the content of the website page, or by the chain using these words to refer to your own site, of course, are also part of Shanghai dragon er by extending the long tail keywords to enhance the core keywords side the rankings, even flow. So how to choose keywords and how to optimize their site by keyword, is a member of Shanghai dragon Er need to focus on the familiar content. If you want to make your site more flow, then reflected in Shanghai Longfeng work, is to set more keywords for the site, of course, if each page has different keywords, and around the keywords published articles, add the chain, then the user in the search keywords, click on our website to probability will be greatly increased. Isn’t it


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