error: a family history of breast cancer in women have cancer may.

fact: 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no significant risk factors.

but if a first-degree relative (including a mother, sister, or daughter) has breast cancer, the risk of breast cancer is doubled. Family history of parents has an equally important impact on women.

myth two: wearing a bra will increase the risk of breast cancer.

fact: many people have pointed out that the bra will oppress the lymphatic system of the breast, leading to accumulation of toxins and induce breast cancer, which has been widely proved to be unscientific.

            error three: breast augmentation surgery may cause breast cancer.

fact: female breast augmentation does not increase the risk of breast cancer. However, these women are necessary to increase the physical examination of the breast X light.

error four: breast cancer risk small small female.

fact: breast size is not related to breast cancer. A particularly large breast can only mean not easy to accept the check, and there is no relationship between the risk of cancer.

error five: if you have a large probability of illness, you can only wait for the onset of symptoms.

fact: women can actively reduce the risk of breast cancer, such as maintaining weight, avoid obesity; maintain regular exercise; reduce or eliminate alcohol intake; regular examination of breast health; smoking cessation, etc..

error six: breast cancer in the form of mass.

fact: lumps may indicate breast cancer, but the symptoms are more than that: breast or nipple pain, breast swelling, skin allergies or depression, nipple retraction, etc..

error seven: most breast lumps will become cancerous.

fact: approximately 80% of breast masses are caused by benign variants, cysts, or other conditions. But in any case, the doctor suggested that the breast lumps should be checked as soon as possible.

error eight: no breast cancer resection.

fact: breast resection can reduce the risk of cancer in a large extent, but not completely avoided. Sometimes it may start at the scar, or the original cancer cells spread.

(internship editor: Chen Xuehong)

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