is the high quality of the external website optimization help more, we are doing the external should not be like before just do a link only, we can maintain long-term exchanges and communication, a mutual chain may be that you know each other meet you, but this is only is the understanding of the relationship is the sublimation of contacts. In a network of contacts sometimes should not be too stingy, the Internet all the products are unknown. Perhaps in the existing network connections, there is a bring you the star effect of course including you.

as everyone knows, accessible, perplexing network connections, is the basis for the existence of a website, the website is not only appreciate their significance (not by individuals for the purpose of his existence) have no life is difficult for a long time.

In this paper, and we do not want to

good micro technology once the site optimization process encountered problems, just built a new station to find links and no one is willing to exchange with you, the reason is very simple, no content not quality, when understand this truth in the coming months did not find an external to it each week to write 3-4 article original article to enrich the site, a month after the site to improve the quality of the search engine included the amount of more, this time to find the chain more smoothly, and even some high quality website links and you are willing to. So in the website optimization must enrich yourself let yourself become a "inner" >

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contacts outside the chain.

how to do SEO (not talk with eloquence optimization in two words or three can do), I just want to share with you the "web site optimization and the reality of social network relations" personal opinions.

as more and more traditional industries into the Internet, causing his increasingly fierce competition may say his competition exists all the time but they enter to make him more prominent.


= internal content.

what kind of content determines what his chain is like what kind of person he decides what kind of contacts. A practical content of the website is not destined to high quality external; a secret service station is also not high quality of a formal external (it is not for a long time).

why is the chain contacts? Because we all know that the Chinese and foreign chain in the website optimization process can not be ignored, Wang Tong’s article had told us that the chain is the first important conditions, the existence of the chain to let us know the website on the Internet spread speed and breadth. Like a person to another famous and an ordinary known level is not the same, famous people got more recognition and understanding, this is we can also star as network effect, because of his connections to determine his familiarity with the industry. Famous people can know more famous people through their existing contacts, while the ordinary people can not do this, even that is less than his 10%.

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