Shanghai dragon! site fine-tuning 4" core method determine the direction of the station for the update

article by the Hefei Shanghai old black dragon editor first, please indicate the 贵族宝贝ahf贵族宝贝/


station drainage is mainly analyzed from two aspects: first, the current marketing chain drainage, all of our friends do keywords ranking of the chain still accounted for the vast majority of the chain a lot every day, but can play a role in the drainage of only a few a little, but the main drainage or direction or marketing in marketing, how to carry out marketing and marketing methods, the late old black will do as we explain in detail.


maybe you will find a phenomenon, a lot of times a search index and no amount of words, but a few months is not optimized to love Shanghai home, try a variety of methods but without any change, this time on the need for site title, description, such as plate trimming, maybe you a little fine-tuning. You do not have a web site a few months second days you will be surprised to find that the rankings have good ranking, you need to do the above two points, so as to quickly make the ranking in the Shanghai home of love.


in the last one or two months believe that many webmaster friends with old black, website ranking rose slowly, and in a position for a long time is to find out solutions to specific problems and good, so every day is only to update the content and follow the prescribed order issued by the chain, first choice and make sure all the old black stick friends, because the Shanghai dragon only if we will have a good harvest, but the effect is what our customers want? Not, customers want is to see the effect in the shortest time, instead of waiting for a long time, so we how to let customers see the effect or to make the website keywords fast Shanghai love home? The old black summarizes a few methods, the hope can help to you

1, update the user required content

, the website according to your specific situation before trimming the leap, the overall proportion of fine-tuning is best not more than 30% and the core of the website content can not be changed, otherwise it will bring the phenomenon of fine-tuning website home page right down, keywords ranking drop to the site.


if you do the above three points, and insist on a period of time, we believe that the site keywords ranking will have a relatively good promotion.

said here update the user required content can also be understood as a valuable content update, the content of the web site is not the user wants, or that the user enters your website and can’t find him about the topic of love, Shanghai certainly will not give you good rankings. How to update the valuable content, old black in the previous articles also reflected: "

drainage station Need to remind everyone here is

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