is promotion units, promotion promotion plan is the same unit with segment and segment, so we have to write a creative writing. There is disclosed a secret, but also "


just started doing it for promotion is also puzzled, less online essays. I don’t love to ask others which is a big disadvantage. I hope you don’t like me. Do not know is to ask, in fact love Shanghai internal customer service must be more than we know more, though I don’t like the love of the people of Shanghai, but they have experience, experience better than us this is a fact. I don’t love them so much is my own reasons in ancient.

was the first to say this ranking, exactly is spending money to the first row, or behind the good. According to my own research, ranked in the first click rate is certainly better than the following. But late more, compared to the following rankings 30% big delays estimation. There is a row to the first easy to cause malicious bidding. After all, there are still many unknown people blindly in pursuit of the number one position. They don’t need to bid, hurt money! Personally think it is ranked in the third or fourth on the line, after all, no matter who buy services are goods more than three heart. Ranked in the following late less and meet ordinary people to buy the heart, but also save a lot of money (estimated to save about 20% of it), Why not?? some say in the rankings is enough, I don’t know but I love Shanghai very little attention to what the right things. I think you must do it in front of the natural ranking, is the home page of the name can be. Only can appear on the left side effects are.

sex for promotion of the unit much more creative, more particularly trouble management keywords. In fact, Shanghai love their products "love Shanghai for promotion assistant this tool is it. In fact, I want to love Shanghai for friends all know this, though I still talk a few words. After all, there are still a few people who have no contact with this tool, recommend here. Batch change batch operations are very good.


in this article should come out, because lazy love is always good drag, no nonsense begin. On the internet almost did not see the experience of love Shanghai for promotion, I put a little of their own experience this year has accumulated to share it to everyone.

then come to talk about the promotion plan list, of course, is in accordance with the product or service categories, I think everyone should know better than I do. In fact, I would like to recommend segment and segment, why? Because of this at a later stage we could write creative targeted writing. No matter what is not all the same creative plan. Then with the keyword is profound. This will only lead to poor quality, the quality of it will waste a lot of money. The quality of being related to many factors, this is just one of them. We take this one to one less factor.

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