at this stage you should learn how to build a web site, so this requires you to seriously study, Dreamweaver (PHP/ASP/ASP.NET), the basic knowledge of MYSQL station.

Huang Cong, a Shanghai expert Longfeng way of learning should follow the following pattern:

believe that many experts said that Shanghai Longfeng people do not understand programming, but does not prevent them from some difficult words do love Shanghai home, because they have enough content and the chain, and these keywords do general enough. But they really know how to search engine? You know they say is Shanghai dragon expert and not Wangzhuan experts, they even search engines which parts do not know, or even the Shanghai dragon spelling is not know, also claiming to Shanghai dragon experts, it is not very practical, their real title it should be "Wangzhuan experts".


set up its own search engine:

Shanghai dragon expert learning road


Huang Cong said: Shanghai Longfeng experts must have knowledge of programming. Huang Cong in the study of Shanghai dragon, see the network spread a large number of "zero based learning website of Shanghai dragon, easily earn 5000 monthly", "do not teach you the station? Shanghai dragon money earn 10 thousand monthly advertising" etc.. In fact, know Wangzhuan is not equal to understand Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng experts should have the knowledge of

really want to have.

know Wangzhuan is not equal to understand Shanghai dragon

one can become an expert in the field, the field that he have enough professional knowledge and their own unique insights, if one wants to become an expert in Shanghai dragon, it should at least know the basic search engine main parts: controller, spider, indexer, user, user log analyzer interface…… Should even understand or a proficient application of an open source search engine architecture, such as Lucene, Sphinx, Coreseek and so on. These are all in need of programming foundation, no programming basic people cannot read and understand these knowledge.

When the

you need to read a lot of books search engine principle, working principle of the fine to the spider, word segmentation, repeated page judgment technology, inverted index technology, Web data mining principle and so on. These you need to have more advanced programming knowledge and learning ability.

based station:

set up one or more of their own website, here you need to study space, domain name, search engine principle and so on knowledge, when you really put a word to do love Shanghai home, you can claim to the Shanghai dragon beginners.

search engine principle:

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