as a web site optimization, keyword is directly related to the rise and fall of our customer’s recognition and confidence in the website optimization Website Optimization Website optimization, although the process, key rise and fall is inevitable phenomenon, but when keywords large-scale floating, on the one hand is the engine appeared to change the search, on the other hand is the site itself there is a problem, the author in the process of optimization, keywords decline to analysis:

optimization experience, server failure if there 7 days and have not been solved, the keyword will cause decline and disappear phenomenon, it also needs more support case.

Whether it is


Links, website optimization or buy links are not difficult to find the link at the beginning of the ranking is good, slowly, the ranking will decline, this is because the links with increased more and more web sites and their website links to ranking behind the development. Therefore, the weight of their keywords from each other more and more small website, so the keywords decline, so in time remind friends buy links, we can buy the other web site, so it will not increase the side key link caused by floating keywords.

website optimization process, we are not a revision, the revision is often caused by the loss of data, if 404 pages do not appropriate, will produce a large number of links, it will cause the retention of the original search engines have included page to make a short period of time, the new page is not immediately released, because the search engine at unable to determine the reason, reason of web server failure itself or website at this time, the search engines crawl after, will release a small amount of pages, which resulted in the reduction of collection.


, a web page included by

search engine spiders will be included in the "trojan website crawling process, which will cause a significant increase, the website of the page at this time, keyword ranking will increase; when the site optimization that will remove Trojan, Trojan, Trojan removal, the original search engine included virus page will fail, when the search engine update again, it will cause decrease of the web site included at the moment, the keyword will fall.


Trojan, and will not immediately cause the keyword decline, instead, will cause the keyword increased rapidly, in a short period of time due to the following reasons:

1, Links

chain will reduce the degradation caused by keywords, this.

two. The chain fell

2, the chain decreased by

3, Trojan

included "drop, will cause a decline in the key words.

Edition server failureAccording to the

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