with a look of little importance but also weight good site exchange links with others, let the other sites link to another main push your station, with the station link to his station, let the other station for the main push your weight transfer station.

in the English website, rarely like Chinese Website Link Exchange page, usually in content. So that we can put the Links page weight to a minimum, so that the weight derived from the best. The most typical approach is that only in the home to the Links column of a link to other pages are the link to it, so the search engine may also included the weight is very low, with the least change most, is a very good

is the first post? Find a good exchange links, then after ten minutes after removed. If a PR3 station, a day for fifty PR0-2, others are willing to change, then all removed. The other ten and a half months or even months not to withdraw the link, it is a very good one-way chain.

is so evil, this cheating means sooner or later abandoned, write not to let you go with him, but to teach you how to protect him! Don’t do evil things. Welcome you to push the grass network Links platform (www.tuicao贵族宝贝) exchange links.


Links cheating four: nofollow tag

Links cheating five: avoid high and low

Links cheating two: after the first

in many webmaster eyes, PR is a baby, you use a PR5 with his PR3 web site links, you see he would not a greedy? It is easy to be deceived, to the site to do a turn, hijacked a high PR, and then find a relatively low stand change link, wait until two or three months PR update, "Martin", he will know too late, you can sleep without any anxiety.

to the bottom of the Links plus nofollow label, love Shanghai, Google and other major search engines will not be tracking this link, that is to say do links are no good, weight will not be exported. In addition to the JS call, this link is to the IFRAME framework is the search engines to. So, for more links do not worry derived weight. Let the other Everfount website weight over

Links cheating three: PR hijacking

Links cheating: cross link

Links cheating, so that the weight of do one thing under cover of another. Today Cao Cao push grass to decrypt seven common Links cheating, let more webmaster to prevent it.

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