is that the Spring Festival is approaching, Shanghai dragon Er are on holiday, no one search, because the search area of Shanghai dragon people most of their blog, not the real users, this point I was deeply aware, because the blog in Shanghai before the love three, a day on average only 5.6 IP. True enough to explain this problem.

I used a blog to do a Shanghai Longfeng blog, this blog ranking in the region is stable in Shanghai love home also have six months time, never fall out of love Shanghai home. But this time it is found in the area of Shanghai Longfeng index continued to decline, according to the word that I understand the Dongguan Shanghai dragon, reached 200 of the index was stable in the beginning of 2012, and now only more than 80 of the index. At first I thought it might be a case, then check it in the mainstream of the city area of Shanghai Longfeng, namely Beijing Shanghai dragon, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon, Shenzhen Shanghai dragon as an example, found that the area of Shanghai Longfeng index decreased in different degree, almost halved the situation, believe this the situation should also be in other areas of Shanghai Longfeng situation.

so on the basis of this phenomenon in micro-blog with some Shanghai dragon blog friends discussed the reasons for the decline, of which there are so few mainstream views.

second point of view is that some people no longer operate their own blog, since the beginning of time into the Shanghai dragon industry, everyone is lofty, every day care for their own blog, updated daily, in general will be in their own area to do keywords, so every day to see their own blog so area ranking. Can also use your own blog on search engine changes, and using his blog to do some testing, some people think that set up a blog to build a personal brand is also very good. The several factors also have a sense of deep. But wait until their mature technology in Shanghai dragon when she was busy making money, there is no time to take care of business blog, his blog ranking what is no longer important, no longer care, so that one of the key factors in Shanghai Longfeng decline index.

third is a part of people from the Shanghai dragon circle, micro-blog also often see this information, so that micro-blog survives in the last piece, micro-blog sees a boss in his micro-blog paid recruit Shanghai dragon head, in fact no one to talk to him, it is feel strange, later people laugh, he said, now do Shanghai Longfeng fewer people. Shanghai Longfeng daily work until two or three pm exhausted a batch, high working pressure a group of crazy, love Shanghai withdrew from the unstable group, the real master is not looking for work. There are a number of left in the half mental state, had forgotten to find work, although this is a joke, but personally feel that although the description over a point, but it can reflect the current Shanghai dragon.

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