think, in the Google coffee Xiangpiao laboratory developed the "Google glasses" eventually become the inspectors and hawkers wits forensics tools. Always feel that people feel not so harmonious, this is to find the final destination of the high-tech satire or let "Google glasses".

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was hot!

since the inspectors with Google glasses is to enforce the law when there are pictures and the truth". So, look at Google Glasses + city "degree of communication, also to a map with the truth, first love Shanghai news input keywords Google glasses:

Google glasses at a price of $1500, sold in the United States April 16th limited. According to media reports, Google glasses Google launched four color was hot rush, soon sold out, but Google did not disclose the specific number of sales. Google glasses after the purchase, buyers did not hear the sound, but by questioning the media, the media commented on Google glasses: Google glasses are actually losing its appeal, head mounted camera to allow people to support the Internet connection, it becomes more and more difficult. However, the recent Google glasses "on the waterfront" City Management in China,

on the Internet, always in the place you don’t know the answer. I’m afraid April 21st is a day to remember Google glasses, Google glasses seem to find the "best use", a number of media reports China students chased wearing Google glasses million yuan worth of law enforcement, is a "picture is truth"

is the assumption behind a successful marketing event, Google glasses on City Management in China, quantitative output, will be a high income, market imagination! Like the recent media evaluation of Zhang Ziyi with a film prize to get soft cause: completely rely on having an affair four and Zhang Ziyi’s boyfriend "let the audience is always out of sight. Coincidentally, the recent limelight gradually cover day Cat Jingdong, the head and the network Reds tea sister "is staged a" love ", tea sister said" come up with 1 million yuan for packaging, only today’s "achievement"

Google glasses is actually a head mounted camera, "and the comparison of various previously advertised smart features, a lot less, because the main reason for Google to purchase is not in order to let more people feel the charm of science and technology, but requires the user to" trial and error to find the best use of Google glasses "consumer spending $1500 to get! The" trial "qualification, no wonder the media to attack Google so strong.

foreign media evaluation as if Google glasses, Google glasses is still not found the best use of semi-finished products, urban management is a hot word headlines in Chinese, imagine Google powerful search engine function will not easily ignore any one of the hottest keywords, then Google Glasses + city "it can be easily won numerous eye effect.

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