3. study Shanghai Longfeng, this kind of pure Shanghai dragon.


3. "code of cognitive

1. network marketing road, in fact, Shanghai dragon is part of the network marketing, but this method at present, obvious effect and high conversion rate. But the method of marketing hundreds, only want to move around the world by Shanghai dragon, that you promote the road not far away, go away. But if you can master the network marketing theme, then you will become the one of the best.

, Shanghai dragon which requires intermediate ER

since the last time I wrote the primary Shanghai dragon ER standard, recognized and hoped everybody here to thank you. Today the author to share intermediate Shanghai dragon have what ER and need to learn what.

is left, and the author of this editorial is similar, the switch, with respect to the ability to write code will lack. But we must master is to read the website, will analyze the website source code. Keywords tag, description, distribution, URL, whether the need to optimize the station code structure is not a search engine like etc..

The basic

intermediate Shanghai dragon ER, I think it should be understood to have been in Shanghai Longfeng this post work half a year or more time, if excellent work it should be possible to become the post office supervisor group.

IT 2. professional male, Shanghai dragon ER in the process of optimization, code, website, website optimization is the most contact with things, often have a group of Shanghai dragon ER for writing code will begin with, gradually a lot of Shanghai dragon ER will go on the road of technology, become a professional programmer, a professional skills the body in the future, through the accumulation of time and temper, enough to push back the incoming waves after rolling.

? The

1. based robust and independent practice ability

intermediate Shanghai dragon ER how to become senior Shanghai dragon ER? In fact, I think to change the senior branch point of the industry, the Shanghai dragon ER can plan your future occupation planning.

The so-called

2. writing

ER Shanghai dragon in the intermediate, relatively speaking skills have some requirements for the original, at least to have excellent pseudo original ability, my cognition of pseudo original for at least 6 of the content is changed. Of course, the original writing ability either now or in the future, if you choose to enter Shanghai dragon in this industry, you must have a skill of.


as the intermediate Shanghai dragon ER, principle of the people must be familiar with the Shanghai dragon and the concept, and the team had the station optimization and stood outside optimization experience, demanding to have the ability to improvise even, can work independently, respond to changes in the site, and solve the unexpected problems.

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