to prepare to the children of couples, pre pregnancy check is a project must be carried out. In fact, the pre inspection refers to the preparation of pregnancy between husband and wife before to go to the hospital for physical examination, so as to be born baby is healthy, so as to achieve the effect of eugenics. You can claim the pre inspection? In the pre inspection should pay attention to what


: pre pregnancy check can be reimbursed

1, can not be reimbursed

Some parts of

in our country, the pre inspection is free, such as Guangdong or Beijing. Therefore, all before the pre inspection must learn about local policy. If not in the free time, medical insurance can not be reimbursed, but there are a few items for free. In addition, pre pregnancy check can be reimbursed in the maternity insurance, but are basically fixed underwriting.

2, notes

generally, the female is the pre pregnancy check time within a week after menstruation, and during this period of time can not go with her husband. In the physical examination in the morning, must be fast, can not eat dairy products, can not drink water, must be fasting, because before doing some project inspection, must be fasting, to get the most accurate inspection results.

3, note two

If the male before

pre pregnancy check, must be checked after fasting, the day before the dinner can not eat other food, must ensure eight hours before the fasting blood. In addition, to life in the pre inspection of the three days, not to smoke and drink, can not eat too much sugar and greasy food, but also appropriate to do some exercise.

learned here, I believe we all already know the pre inspection can reimburse you the answer to this question, also know what precautions pre pregnancy check. Although the pre inspection will indeed spend some money, but it was worth it, because if there is no pre inspection, the baby is likely to suffer from the disease, even will cause irreparable consequences.

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