for soft Wen, I have too much to write, before I write soft no less than five articles, each finished and have a lot of friends. I love the soft, to my familiar friends may know almost every day I will take the time to write a written text, and for each article can do on the front page of A5, it is because of my commitment to create my soft for some deep research. May I have seen before the friends know my three section in this article, I also think so, but today the mood is good to change the wording, focus on share some of their own use of soft chain of practical experience, I hope everyone can like.


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. I wrote to you five articles, each article is introduced in addition to our most basic chain method, they have one thing in common, that is soft, the common is my today and another site to easily make the high quality of the chain method introduce. If all of the previous article interested can look at the front of the article: "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: a" blog "done easily site outside the chain of high quality two: BBS signature" "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: three" quiz platform "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: four Links" "done easily site outside the chain of high quality five: classification of information".


every day I write soft article, there are three stations at the time, one of the sites of do most of the chain is made up by the soft, you can go to check my site outside the chain of love in Shanghai, a lot of links now in front of the row is a soft link. I also do a lot of sina NetEase such as Tianya forum, Tianya blog links, then simply do not do, specifically to write the soft Wen, I remember the relevant keywords for a period of time the best website ranking almost all in the home before three, when the highest daily traffic reached about 500, this I’ve never thought of before. It is because of this success let me firmly adhere to the soft outside the chain. One after another and in a few cases, that is not bad, so always adhere to the present. So I have many friends around about Shanghai Longfeng soft, but really can stick with it so few.

2, the chain weight reducing the soft, my choice! "

1, the soft chain case

last year in Shanghai Dragon Technology and theoretical knowledge of me is very poor, then spent a lot of time to read a book, learn a lot, was at the A5 read many articles, decided to write some articles written, did not expect a get out of hand, because I found writing is addictive. On the one hand, because writing is my hobby, on the other hand writing can bring a lot of the chain for my website, and the weight of the chain is very high.

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