is special about the user’s needs. When the user clicks or other search engines love Shanghai, often have some special needs, these needs are often random, but not from the framework of the website related industry. That is to say often through some long tail keywords to search, so as to obtain specific needs. This point can often love Shanghai through the analysis of the search list, and search results related search keywords to the bottom of the page, you can get some special needs of users, so you can optimize your site to the long tail keywords to optimize, to help their own website success.


Analysis of

in fact demand for users of the site, should not leave the keyword of the website, when you select a keyword as the core of your website, this is bound to be your site for the target user group, and these users tend to demand can be determined, of course, these are determined by demand but it is not immutable and frozen, will change continuously with the loss of time. But this would require the owners to keep pace with the times, so as to hold the development direction of the site, and then promote the development of the website.

here is a concrete analysis to a website, how to analyze the user needs? This requires the user behavior to be summarized, and from the two aspects of general and special needs of the user needs to carry on the analysis, also need to combine these two requirements to classification of user requirements in order to obtain more detailed and accurate user requirements.

analyzes the universal demand to the user: this generally includes three aspects: first, the substantial demand for products. The user opens your website is likely to care about a product to understand, or have a desire to buy. Second, functional requirements related products, such as what is the specific function of these products, and how to produce or develop these products, information search and related products, so as to help yourself. Third, want to get the services they need and demand information through the website, such as users love open the love Shanghai know or other sites related to consultation, so as to get related help through these platforms.

finally, need to be classified according to the above requirements, so as to provide reference for the optimization of their website: first, the importance of demand. When the user in the search keywords, keywords first thought, are often the core keywords short, such as.

now runs the website and to optimize the website, the most important thing is to know how to understand the needs of users, it’s like the march to war, you can only be victorious. However, for a website, the user needs the concept is often very abstract, many users very hard through specific ways to find the needs of users, so it causes a lot of website optimization is actually doing the website and not because the webmaster diligent and continue to make breakthroughs.

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