Tucao: Tencent effect promotion price is very high, Sogou bidding price is also high. The author before the vote on the Sogou for advertising, but the account until a year to "burn money", the author is too much to handle. The PC end of soso, Bing and immediate three forces, but is also a weak Union, is not a dog, not to mention the love of Shanghai. After the two search engine estimates are rarely used, and Bing in China is mainly to compete with Google domestic and overseas users.


medical, pharmaceutical.

I thought, Tencent’s contextual advertising is more suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries and New Oriental brand agency profits. At the meeting, the delegates have tens of thousands of medical renewals is a significant example. As a small business, brought by the scene of traffic or less advertising. If is the New Oriental enterprises, it put soso advertising, is more likely to strengthen brand marketing, and small enterprises pay more attention to the current economic benefits. So, soso advertising for most small businesses, is not the preferred.


Tucao: several major domestic search engine advertising has wide coverage, high precision, real-time interaction and completely controllable. Tencent still obsessed about these characteristics, their confidence is weak enough to say.

, PC

Southern China district manager, told PC in the understatement end, mainly introduces promotedsituational advertising and promotion of the wireless side effect of Tencent. I have not noticed the scene with very limited knowledge and scanty information, advertising. The so-called contextual advertising is mainly Tencent platform idle resources graphic ad + text ads based on resources, with accurate click effect CPC bid in the form of paid advertising service.


a few days ago I attended a meeting of the Tencent Changsha effect promotion agents hold meeting, agents and Tencent on behalf of the Southern China area of the promotion effect of carefully introduced the Tencent of this product. This is not the advertisers, this combination of love Shanghai and Sogou bidding, an outsider’s point of view of Tencent.


said Tencent Tencent official scene advertising has several characteristics.

Tencent mainly displays in the following scene advertising platform.

Southern China district manager of the Tencent referred to in the promotion of PC end effect, first introduced the flow of Tencent is fully deserve the king, highlighting the products with high performance price ratio, strong interaction, the characteristics of wide coverage. Secondly, the Tencent and the immediate search and search will be made into strategic cooperation, promotion and advertising effect of Tencent will be displayed in the two search results page. Of course, at PC end, love Shanghai is around the topic, Southern China district manager admits the gap.

advertising scene

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