Objective: to actual use of this article is the analysis of the degree of competition in the Suzhou and Shanghai dragon keywords maximum weight as a content page release can achieve value.

4, the influence of quality, appearance, value and other factors, an article is made of good quality rankings and the article itself is firmly related to the paragraph is clear, whether the layout is beautiful, is equipped with various auxiliary media such as pictures and video etc.. Whether the article is value for users. According to the word of Suzhou Shanghai dragon after layout and alignment seriously, so easy to read, and have some practical value, in order to achieve beautiful and suitable layout arrangement.

notes: semantic analysis and related keywords love Shanghai is through the statistical principle that, for example, according to a large amount of data analysis it can be concluded that the word Suzhou Shanghai dragon in most of the articles will also appear in Suzhou website optimization, Suzhou network promotion and other words, or users in the search for Suzhou Shanghai dragon also usually search Suzhou search engine optimization, Suzhou network marketing words. Through this comparison, love Shanghai will draw some conclusions: these words are related to the original. This is the principle of semantic analysis. Through the analysis of phrases can be combined into fluent sentences, how the arrangement is normal.

3, and the total frequency of keywords, the influence of keywords ranking, target key words frequency and the total effect is very large. For example, in this article the word Suzhou Shanghai dragon almost each paragraph will appear, and keep the quantity and frequency are relatively high.

statement: This article is filled around the keywords, does not exclude the possible mild dyslexia, the author does not affect the situation as far as possible in the reading to improve the word frequency and the total number of Suzhou Shanghai dragon. Readers can carefully observe how the author is by placing keywords to get good rankings.


2, appear, such as keywords in the title, in the beginning, middle, end the words etc.. Therefore, careful friends may find in these key positions are decorated with the keywords of Suzhou Shanghai dragon.

1, assist the relevant keywords, the keywords of Suzhou Shanghai dragon, the relevant keywords include: Suzhou website optimization, Suzhou network promotion, Suzhou search engine optimization, network marketing, Suzhou. Therefore in the keyword around these keywords auxiliary related words will be very good rankings. Of course, must be placed in a readable case, because love Shanghai for the original article review has a strong semantic analysis ability.

] Keywords

[the content of the main factors of influence ranking analysis

5, the strengthening effect, strengthening of key words > label with the value of the article


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