2, Shanghai still love the search engine market monopoly, 360 die of spite

has also not satisfied with the status quo, unwilling to remain out of the limelight, seen from the participation of 360 and Shanghai Sogou love can snatch war. Sogou known to the user, from his input method. According to information, Ma Yun in the investment Sogou, asked such a question: "how can the Sogou >

1, 360 final foothold, made part of the search engine market, love Shanghai search engine market monopoly

love Shanghai’s success is undeniable, a major source of love Shanghai profitability success in his search engine keyword search results brought by. Love the product of Shanghai is divided into two blocks, one is love, but love our Shanghai Shanghai bidding. The new corporate website, if you want to have sex development, Shanghai bidding is inevitable, follow suit or bring the value of search results or his interests or can be seen, for the love of Shanghai enterprises dependence; in the webmaster circles, is the most discussed, Shanghai today included: love down no, no you fall in love chain, Shanghai has not updated snapshot, love your station K Shanghai today; in the world, that classic advertisements, the user has been repeatedly read: "this thing where I find?" "you love Shanghai. You know," what is the company’s Web site? "" love Shanghai, You’ll see". From the above we can see that love Shanghai users to him too dependent on trust, too, although many users, mouth scold not love Shanghai, but still doing the "love Shanghai, You’ll see." behavior. This is the love of Shanghai’s largest chip, users of the love of Shanghai depends on trust, may become the biggest reason of failure 360.

360 and love Shanghai since the war, Sogou inserted a leg "after rising to new situation, to further expand the battlefield, Tencent SOSO will join this battle, Google big brother will come back and let all the possibility of the battle for the search engine, more whirling. The search engine wars ending, I guess there are so few.

But the

360 has been prepared, guess, 360 years of development of the 360 browser, 360 safe location, 360 antivirus, are permanent free, as is the accumulation of many users, and ultimately to snatch the search engine market. Admittedly, the 360 did not work in vain, from the use of 360 series of products can be seen in 360, now has a large number of users. 3B after the start of war, whether the user is to love Shanghai, love is still dissatisfied with the monopoly 360 search engines, will stand on the side of 360, search engines rely entirely on the user, get the trust of users, will succeed.

both love ShanghaiSogou

3, Sogou search engine trouble, expand market share, 360 and

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