is currently the medical profession is one of the most competitive bidding Shanghai dragon industry. The medical profession in the hospital website ranking, site visits, and the conversion rate is very importance. The iceberg today to share with you about the column page keywords selection. Keywords on the home page to the hospital website is a combination of basic disease hospital + + pan area, such as Fuzhou Fuzhou gynecological hospital, painless hospital and so on, everyone is doing, so home competition is big. But these words have to be done for most sites, because this is close to the site of the brand. The monopoly on all the region * * hospital, then your website Niubi, but often difficult to do so in the same area of the Shanghai dragon competition will appear each one has its own merits. Here is my home page keyword description too narrow, hope that will not cause you misunderstood.

, a selection of core keywords, such as painless, pelvic inflammatory disease, leucorrhea core words and so on.

two, based on the treatment intention, such as how to treat, which hospital, consulting and so on.

three, attached to the area of Fuzhou, such as the treatment of * * *, but not far fetched.

The The

good choice on the website keywords, can let the column in the rankings? Of course not, depends on the weight section of the ranking of the site as a whole, because the column as the pages in the competition.

column is relative to a home, personally think that the specific column information and correlation will be higher than the home page. So the column page keywords will be relatively more clear, but clear to clear, the choice of what kind of keywords can be brought to the site actual value? Of course, different operation modes will lead to different standards, if you are standing, you only pay attention to traffic, then screening the search volume competition small words to do well, what word is the large amount of competition here is not in search of small detail. If the hospital operation, then from the site consultation and conversion rate, amount to diagnosis perspective, many word searches a lot, such as women’s health, the symptom of ovarian cyst such as Fuzhou analgesia stream of people how much money, for the website conversion Fuzhou gynecological examination to which hospital has good conversion value. Because Shanghai dragon in keyword column page layout, to the consultation rate as the basic reference, the network reservation quantity is directly reflected how much consultation with you the amount of hospital. If the hospital consultation in doing this is not perfect, no data words do? The tip of the iceberg here to share some basic points:

section of the title with three words long tail keywords, Title Effect is very big, not in general, do not attach importance to it will only make you miss the opportunity, choose good keywords, and then see if necessary and how word segmentation. The tip of the iceberg that is not the best segmentation, can achieve the maximum matching, in the matching of the positive relatively has more advantages. But the column heading is not recommended to write too long, that will allow users to search not to see your website, as the hospital’s operation to establish the brand very seriously.

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