because many new webmaster do stand experience, original content points can not keep up, so looking for a hot topic. And everything around us everywhere entertainment, entertainment information flying full screen fly, search engines are keen for the entertainment of hot information to the webmaster envy, then reproduced on the Internet in the ocean or pseudo original entertainment information.

1. Title

extract The

trying to find hot spots, looking for key words, pseudo original blind. These are over the Shanghai dragon, a see Shanghai dragon has consistently opposed excessive behavior, this is a kind of non health practices, largely on the Internet will destroy the ecological environment, and it is true that love Shanghai constantly adjust the rules included is based on these reasons. Today, see with his many years of accumulated experience and do the latest research results, the cause for excessive Shanghai Longfeng search engines are not included in the counterexample analysis.


Discuz! Lovers network exclusive observation and analysis (/ o see) there are many new Adsense very depressed in their hands raised the new station is not recognized and included his search, although there are a lot of original and pseudo original articles continuously updated every day, but always included the amount can not go up, then try to find hot spots and find the key words, blind pseudo original, blind advertising. For this included and site traffic website is not good, as Lu Songsong said: "the original content does not necessarily get the favour of search engine."

3. with unrelated websites hot entertainment news


: the title of not more than three words, words should be concise, not to repeat keywords.


case: "[human beast] as human beast as joy: workers sell adorable"

analysis: we look at this title at a glance, "human beast as" as the keyword appears two times, obviously is to attract the spider and the user’s eye. Don’t speak to this title is not only the title of the party, can be said to have "exhibitionism" for key words two times of exposure in the title, the title key words repeated not only let the audience disgusted, may also let search engines convicted of cheating.




< >

case listed as below: eastmoney贵族宝贝 send hot news entertainment.


is still the problem of cheating text keywords, keywords appear multiple times in the text, in the context of no association under the condition of repeated words, in other words nothing, kick up a cloud of dust repeat keywords, the amount of information, not much. What’s more the words irrelevant in this paper. This article has no meaning for the audience, for the search engines see not attractive. Figure:

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