to tell you the truth, when I was recruiting an apprentice, I didn’t want to recruit older than me, because I was afraid of being too old and had my own opinions. And my first requirement for students is that they must have super executive power. So when I was recruiting, I marked as long as 27 years of age. And Huang Zhixiong was 42 years old, is a 60 after the letter, the reason for the exception of recruiting him, mainly by the time he was sent to the registered mail by the attitude of the move.

I should be bean senior user, from the beginning of the 07 year playing watercress, at first just to find books and movies, and later was keen to participate in the organization of a variety of online and offline activities, and create a lot of group in the city and group, and later fell over a period of time to focus on the research station, later Tun and agricultural metal hyacinth, later is always not clear how to play the city of Alfa and bean, then once daily readings to nine points, and now occasionally update update the diary, read books and movies, listen to DouBan FM, basically stay too long in the bean petal.

this article is written 28 push big brother Huang Zhixiong, very inspirational, and very warm, the following is the full text.

high quality content completely depends on the high quality and high-quality user, users in the community is always a relatively small proportion, that is the senior young artists and the great God class Curve Wrecker, technical strongman, such people are always a small proportion.

and Peng Hongwei are not the same inspirational spirit, age, big, rich, do not forget to learn

4. watercress feel more and more boring mediocrity, more and more people, a lot of boring album around PA, a lot of boring online activities, the group also filled with a variety of means and not up.

self summarized as follows:

3. now watercress products on the line, my home quickly reduced to a variety of Taobao products collection, had to set aside such concerns.

bean to start this high-quality user oriented, and quickly attract similar users, but with the number of users increased, and the rate of growth slowed down because the society there are a handful of so much in the mood to share God will not increase, and it is attracted more and more white, the proportion of more and more, gradually dilute the content, so that >

look at almost God friend replies:

remember, I once joked in the group, "although I am a teacher, because the age gap is not big, but more like everyone’s friends.". Internet doctor is everybody’s big brother, but because after 60 years of age, rich social experience, more like a "elder", thus illustrates the importance of Internet doctor in the team.

had made such an inadvertent decision to recruit Huang Zhixiong after 60, thereby indirectly changing the future trajectory of some of the team members.

Lianpo old acquaintance

2. used to like to see all kinds of revelations and current events in the group. Since micro-blog, the news attribute of watercress is not so strong, although it has done a similar form of watercress, said watercress broadcast.

watercress active users and those years have been different.

from Huang Zhixiong, I also see and Peng Hongwei different inspirational spirit, can be said to be the two opposite extreme case. Peng Hongwei learning network promotion, because life is forced, because of the disabled, only learn the network promotion this way out. And Huang Zhixiong is just the opposite, already 42 years old, he has counted as a successful person, has done many enterprise executives, there is a printing factory in Shenzhen, net worth tens of millions.

May I

is probably influenced by "where time is going", and my Internet portal tutor, Mr. Mou Changqing, recently fell in love with nostalgia. Then began to recall the time when 28 before and after the founding of the 28 disciples, so the 28 push includes later joined the disciples all teachers are finally starting to visible before the eyes, his memoirs, each disciple had to write a write.

Huang Zhixiong

to the abundance mentality, in Huang Zhixiong’s age, so the net worth, will have to consider retirement. And Huang Zhixiong really holds great enthusiasm for the Internet, and hopes to learn more about the Internet and popularize knowledge


has been trying to feel watercress, but want to make money but not the sprinkle fig leaf, simply relying on a number of work absquatulate work shake WeChat user group, can develop

to introduce the 28 founding team member Peng Hongwei Internet experience last week, because of the particularity, Peng Hongwei’s inspirational, so often mentioned in the blog before, relatively speaking we have very familiar with Peng Hongwei. Dr Huang Zhixiong, perhaps, is not so familiar. But his importance in the 28 push team, but it is next to mine, so that after Peng Hongwei, I would like to introduce you to this 28 push team big brother.

high-end contribution watercress users end their studies, ending single marriage, baby to go.

so it feels more and more mediocre".

introduction any kind of thing will have its own life cycle. New stage, some people sought after; high tide stage, some people fanaticism; go to low tide, there will be all kinds of noise. In the Internet era, this cycle is constantly certified. About watercress, from people’s discussion, now seems to be entering such a cycle. The following is a bean your friends since 2007 in the know of their own views.

1. is older and begins to care more about what is useful to him.

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