later, the chance came.

grassroots networks do not have ambitious goals. Just want to become a grassroots network of people have on the station, the pursuit of a peace of mind and to hand a fragrance of roses.

later, one day, he was thinking of doing an industry website, searching for the most lucrative industry on sh419".

, and then SEO, do well, began to have customers to fill in the decoration information, but also decoration companies to advertise, advertising companies can present the right to view customer information.

although the site’s profit is not high, but in the local reputation has been ok.

, he did sh419 SEO do great, the method is to do all kinds of ways to increase the chain, a lot of methods, and a lot of software is automatically carried out, have bought, have their own writing.

3 people, maintained for six months, 15000 per month income.

one is educational equipment.

, the previous site quickly died.


is a local decoration portal.


my college classmates started doing web work in high school.

horns Cheng Tianyu in the "old cow Review Network" had thought that the "grassroots network" goal is the Digg model of DoNews and techweb. It shouldn’t be called grass roots." And I think I might be a professional editor in the industry, or at least a professional editor."


what’s the root of the conversation? I give the definition of grassroots is non famous people who fought so hard on the Internet, I like such a good-for-nothing veteran, with the hardships of life, work. Hope that the grassroots network can become a relatively quiet place to rest. Those who come here are willing to share their experiences calmly, making themselves and others in the middle of the hardship, and let this distant warmth make everyone know that the night is not alone.

started looking for a few friends to transition together.

so, a very formal company

began to try bidding and supervision types: customer bidding, decoration company bidding, and the website as the third party regulator.

has been asked about the origin of the name since it was a grassroots network. Why is it called grassroots network? What’s the point?" Much more to ask, and I began to think about it.

in recent years, due to the work of the relationship, began to think about some things in the industry, but still see the whole industry noise, entertainment flooding, I do not know what to precipitation?

at the moment, there is so much income movie website, a part-time job, every few minutes maintenance time, because the movie website source website, he wrote a small program acquisition automatic storage.

during that time, he liked to say, "I know now that the only thing that will definitely make money is the dumpster type."."

was in his freshman year, 4 years ago, and his monthly income was about 4000RMB

then, also real contact with many people decorate the industry, and then really see the potential of this industry is huge.

he likes to laugh at himself and say, "I can’t do it. It’s a very creative and exciting website. I won’t do that. It’s hard to see a profit site. I won’t do it."."

I was a veteran of the Internet, a veteran of the prophet sleep. 98 years after graduation he rushed in, doing web design, production, process, operation and management, and even run inserted market, but for a long time, my psychology to this fickle industry have the instinctive sense of distance, remember a few years ago saw a computer newspaper reporter, listen they speak in the industry rumors when eating, watching them talk look, there is always a kind of outside of it, do not feel.

then he did two:

then, foreign investors took a fancy to the project, began to invest money, out of manpower, out of relationship.

I think this is my pursuit, although it is a website, it also forms a kind of perceptual life that I pursue.

Donews and Techweb are media stations, their founders are well-known journalists in the industry, they come from the media, so the site is expressed by the news appeal. The grassroots network is not the case, the grassroots network to express and precipitation is the data can be used to analyze, inspired by the knowledge of people, inspiring or alert people’s experience. I hope that the grassroots network can promote a small number of people here to truly form some kind of sincere and useful exchanges, rather than rampant grudges, rumors and quarrels.

actually isn’t.

I just graduated from college, the two people to say, one of my college classmates, one of the practitioners of the Internet industry.

comes from two movie sites popups, occasionally effective, and various adult AD hits. .

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