on the AVOS itself, we do every product is quite clear, summed up several of these products out of the market, not that we are in the direction of transfer, but the entire Internet conversion. In my opinion, the future users will spend more time using a mobile phone using the Internet, the Internet will be mobile, gradually limits the mobile Internet and the PC Internet is not so big, so we shut down several products.


AVOS "immigrant mentality"

put a bucket of water into the water, must put the original dirty water bucket

and several students, teach mode accepted ways to make money, not exactly the same, in which the eccentric. Results after half a month, the difference came out. Some single station daily traffic over 5000, some day or pathetic dozens of IP!! this is true I teach Mi Le flow method when, indeed, I am very sorry, I feel sorry for the bad brother. Which of these brothers have understanding, perseverance of the problem. Everything is hard in the beginning — this is Chinese settling down five thousand years of cultural experience, no one can casually succeed. A few brothers to make money online imagination too simple, that teacher will succeed. This is not entirely correct. The teacher took the door, in personal practice. The teacher asked how much you do every day, you do not complete, all of the energy used in the teacher asked: every day can earn 500 yuan ah, the teacher, today is your more than 2000 with the number of IP…… I answer the question tired, even want to take these students tuition refund in Koojai’s view, these students are not the future! If you believe me, I don’t need to say too much; if you don’t believe me, I said nothing. If you choose to learn network and the teacher, listen to the teacher, to explain things to do, even exceeded! This is a promising performance, not all of the energy used in the teacher think it is not lying to me! If you think so, why choose this teacher chose to?! and the teacher. This is the first element of success on the web

‘s pure tool class, represented by Delicious Bookmarks and delicious reading, has stopped developing more than a year ago because they do not fit the Chinese market. In China, reading company will be more difficult, such as fruit, ZAKER, and later was a major news client portal to the development of extrusion, did not show a successful venture company’s products should have.

some students from many teachers, to me, always put some attitude. People have confidence is good, basic is the network teachers love the students. But often these students, income is not the best. Because there are things they belly Oh…… Make money online is a wonderful knowledge not connected! "

on the Delicious, in fact the beginning we knew it was going to be difficult, and many members of us are old users of Delicious, so a lot of people think it can try to make the product again. I dark horse note: Delicious is Yahoo’s website, and later sold to AVOS because of strategic positioning. AVOS made its two revision after the acquisition of Delicious, but Delicious did not revive. But we all know that in the process of entrepreneurship, product development often happens. For startups, product failure is the norm, success is the exception, and these are the results of many attempts to get, so entrepreneurship is constantly trial and error.

class and second class creative execution, more than three flow of ideas and first-class execution.


often have a friend add my Q, say they work hard, but the treatment is not good, no welfare and so on, can be asked to bring them to do network, not work, easy money every day, many of my friends are most comfortable! No reply to this question: one is because every day to add my Q friends not 100 this problem is not good; two is the answer. If I say, you do not go to work, to do the network. This is irresponsible, hehe…… You see this friend anxious, if it is not responsible for the Louis, why you choose the network? This is not a contradiction?! I brought a lot of students, there are 500 to earn $1000 for every day, more than my income; have earned only one hundred dollars there is even a loss. This is why? Today some of the views of the problems about personal, say to you dingyiding, don’t speak well, you when the cold wind blowing up!:


AVOS since its establishment, has developed a variety of products, including ZEEN, Delicious Bookmarks, delicious love have been announced off, Delicious, playing, MixBit and other products seem to swing the future. But Jiang told I dark horse, a lot of ups and downs are predictable, for start-up companies, the product failure is a normal experience, the future of AVOS China’s focus is mobile developers platform AVOS CLOUD.

experienced a rough AVOS, this year will be how to open up their territory? The following is macro Dictation:

in April 2011, Chen Shijun started selling his second venture after selling Youtube for $1 billion 600 million to shlf1314. He bought Delicious, a social bookmarking site from YAHOO, based on AVOS and has set up three offices in the United States, China and new zealand. At the end of 2010, also decided to return home in shlf1314 over the Yale Dr. Jiang Hong, under the auspices of Li Kaifu, by the end of 2011, his team officially settled AVOS Chinese, became president of the AVOS Chinese district.

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