before the account is stopped, shlf1314 Adsense will send a warning message, please reply within 48 hours of receiving the message and give a reasonable explanation, otherwise you will stop the account when you are 48.

B, involving copyright issues, such as the total station collection, copying other people’s content, as well as video music software download

park on the line just when the practice is not advertising, in 2012 did not spend a penny advertising fees, we believe that good products will speak. At that time, many people were sent out, including many friends around.

has not considered it for the time being.

founder Wang Zhiquan

by xieke simple tidy, you share reference and did not participate in the official meeting of the webmaster, and recorded the shlf1314 Adsense team member Tina all the speech about this problem with mobile phone, interested can obtain the video and xieke.

but it’s a really bad crowd. There’s hardly any life except work. We adjusted quickly and adjusted to young mothers and expectant mothers in 2014. This group is more concerned with safety and more aware of the importance of safety. As a result, the situation in 2014 was relatively good.

‘s big mistake in 2013 was that cock wire was a bit of a success, and there was a lot of inflation. A business refers to Kuba with some success, the second venture to do some tall things, we are positioned around the age of 40 high income ms..

about the location in his speed to

Abstract from August 2012, he founded Kuba left, Wang Zhiquan began a second venture – textile brand park. Want to position the "tall" Wang Zhiquan, in the past two years experienced what tangled and listen to him in the 2014 trial? Brand electric Haishu summit of the park in brand positioning, development speed, team management, mobile attempt, Maori design in five aspects of trying to make a summary:

illegal shlf1314 Adsense policy website, common circumstances are as follows:

2, my account is blocked. Can I have the previous balance removed?

5, will you consider paying in RMB in China?

3, what should I do once the account is stopped?

, C, and full page ads make visitors have to click

D, cheat invalid, click

1, under what circumstances will the account number be sealed?

The following When

was in the venture, we did not want to do the business is much larger, there is no thought of doing much faster, because the last round of business done fast, a few years to a company to do the 2 billion from zero, it is almost impossible. And so add >

the question is too many people asked. The answer is: No. Once the account is blocked, all payments cannot be taken out and will be returned to the ad sponsor.

because you have to clear the illegal shlf1314 Adsense advertising policies, such as copyright issues, so no warning, warning is generally too much invalid click, have suspected cheating, there is room for interpretation or to correct problems.

in 2013, we spent some money and had some influence. But when we do this, we always adhere to brand positioning and quality pursuit, even if we encounter a lot of criticism. Some time ago, we took six places, pulled out the users, made them vomit, and told us all our mistakes, so we listened to them.

Grand Park online in August 28, 2012, 2013 is to test their own many commercial assumptions can not set up a year, the process is very painful, very tortuous. In 2014, enterprises have been more relaxed, and some of these things have been recognized by consumers this year, and they have won a loyal group of users.

In the process of

talking about speed: slow is fast,

a, advertisement is seductive, such as "please help me little advertising, but not many", "wonderful content" and so on, only the "official sponsor advertising", "shlf1314 Adsense".


4, why didn’t I receive a warning that the mail account was K?

, one thing is to be grasped: we only do what people like us more. Serve them well, maximize what you want, maximize prices, and maximize quality.

was invited to attend the shlf1314 Adsense7 month 24 days in Guangzhou R & F The Ritz Carlton Hotel Grand Ballroom partner shlf1314 Adsense day activities, team members to explain in detail the website advertising optimization and quality skills and experience of some common problems, and introduces some new products and new tools shlf1314. Compared to the last session of the meeting, harvest more positive answer some questions many webmaster very controversial on the network, such as what kind of situation will seal closed account, account should be how to deal with, how to deal with the balance of the account closure, what are the requirements and policies for copyright issues, and whether there are other advertising alliance conflict and so on, covering almost all the hot issues of Internet webmaster.

had a lot of people think that we did not think to do market positioning, design simple plain type and no one will buy, but we always adhere to the quality of our security to do, by 2014, customers will settle down very much.

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