does not start his own business talking about such a simple thing, let alone the network as the media. Take the shop for example, there are a lot of work in the early stage. First of all, you have to choose what you want to sell, and what kind of name you should take to attract more customers. How do you decorate this store?. The primary issues that need to be taken into account in these pre European preparatory work. Secondly, the supply problem. The supply of goods is related to the existence of your store, it must be your heart to find. For their own store of goods, less pressure can be less goods, goods pressure

network marketing, just as its name suggests, is a new marketing mode based on the Internet, which uses the interaction of digital information and network media to assist marketing goals. In short, the Internet is the main means of marketing activities to achieve a certain purpose. Its emergence is the product of the development of the times and the inevitable result of the development of the internet. Now more and more people choose a network as their media to start their own business, which is also a manifestation of the development of the times.

in order to understand the entrepreneur should find what kind of employees in the first round of recruitment, I think it is important, first of all to define what is "enterprise", and then try to understand is attracted to this economic entity of people’s psychology. The word "business" is a general term, so let us to refine the word: here, I use this word to refer to is just the start of the enterprise; they have no income or low income; their number of employees is not much, founder, perhaps one of founders or employees; and also the enterprise is not the actual office.

from my experience, I find that people who are willing to join such enterprises are not typical of "business people"". PS: remember, these are the general impression, but is not always applicable. they tend to be dreamers or idealists; they almost all have artistic tastes. I think they are the kind of people who like to join the opposition, or the new church, the new club.

I know it’s really hard to really manage a Taobao store perfectly in the current trend of online shopping and Taobao stores. But some people say that interest is the best teacher for a person. I don’t think what will be more can stimulate the man hard than a person who is interested in the heart. I admit that I am a lazy person, but also only have their own interests, hobbies can encourage myself to study well, this is not a simple course". When I was learning how to start a Taobao store, I also spent a lot of time. I know that it is not a matter of course to learn this course, but I am also enjoying myself.

I’m talking about falling in love with Taobao. I don’t just say I’m a Taobao guy, but I love everything about Taobao. Open Taobao, decorate it, manage it, etc.. Looking at the platform I created on my own, I feel really happy for myself. It’s not just a tool to make money, it’s part of my hobby.

below, I listed some of the common traits of my "seals" over the years, and the qualities I sought when I hired the first batch of employees. But keep in mind that these are my personal preferences, not necessarily universal:

we all know that start-ups value the first round of recruitment. These employees are often called "first wave", but I prefer to take them as the company’s "Navy Seals"". These people are people who will stay with you for a long time, who will appoint important tasks, and people you will need to summon and rely on in all situations.

didn’t know much about e-commerce at first, but people often heard that e-commerce is a Taobao store. When I really started to systematically study this course, I realized that it was not so simple. But at the same time, it made me fall in love with Taobao.

in my business, these people are usually college students, or people waiting for graduate entrance, but they may also be scientists, engineers, or artists. Inevitably, I can give them a low salary, and the vision and mission of the enterprise are more important to them than the compensation. This is not to say that they are too naive, but they are driven by something other than money. In many ways, they often reflect the mindset of the entrepreneur. By Torkin Tolkien, author of "the Lord of the rings" words, they are not Tucker Took, Baggins but they are seeking adventure. For this reason, the best entrepreneurs must have a strong desire and a sense of mission to communicate with their first group of employees.

of course, the most important thing is that it belongs to the category of independent entrepreneurship. The employment pressure of modern college students is becoming more and more serious. In the face of such a severe employment situation, self employment is a good choice. In the face of more and more network news, in the face of the network and the trend of the times, the advantages of the Internet is as much as possible to show out, more and more people choose this unique way of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial network. Naturally, Internet marketing is the best way.

1. I found the best startups "seals", are multitasking strong, and "Too Big for Her Skin people". I like literature and art, because, in general, I believe that people in such a professional environment can learn to think in a non-linear way. In many ways, you need your "seals" beyond their own expectations and those around them. In order to start a business

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