sites have been K to me is very messy, very anxious, but remind yourself calm, but as I like a single-handed small webmaster, sick TouYi, so I to contact the sh419 K recovery station master, trying to make their sites restored, but not always I also analyzed the recovery, the times did not what way, website content 80% of the original 20%, the original is false, I never reprint or direct copy site outside the chain to the forum, usually also submitted to the soft place, blog and website directory, I have selected high weight, related to. But sh419 K my station, I have what reason to who? I was anxious to find cases, 100 >

from the beginning of August the beginning of my life in the A5 forum Witkey transactions, today let me in the A5 Adsense nets and share my experience with my guest.

Alibaba is a miracle China history of the Internet, the Internet in 1999 into the white hot stage, the 500 thousand is just a small advertising Sina Sohu the portal, but this was the Alibaba entrepreneurial Godfather Ma, but look at the dust, then the Alibaba each employee’s salary is only 500. The company is also very cost constraints, every penny must wisely, even go out to talk about business must also adhere to the "walking" principle. Because of the shortage of funds, so that Ma was involved in the trouble, in the face of how to take the next step, he was only whispered "I don’t know", and then quietly development, so, every day of the past, not to mention there are all but a good with vigour and vitality, but the trend is not broken in because. He’s waiting for his stick.

I had a beauty station, Chinaz station Webmaster Tools query sh419 weight 4, shlf1314 PR4, sh419 alliance and other sites in addition to advertising, also have 2, 3 thousand of the monthly income, others may look for thousands of yuan is not what, but I have to meet, at least this is all I have got in return because the site, back and forth, a little bit of all I finish. In June, I was very happy and worried, especially in June 22nd, 28, happy is your website ranking on the rise, worry is that competitors websites are sh419 K. July is very ordinary, not what event, but I have a hunch, because the station snapshot sometimes turns into day 1 hours ago, the main keywords ranking began to change, when the query in the first morning afternoon, ran to second pages. Site traffic not stable, sh419 alliance’s income is also reduced. My heart began to restless, so restless in August finally have a very bitter and let my tears, my site is sh419 K, find K station complaints? Why? One is confused, and his halo.

many SEOer will encounter such anxiety things in the work of the study, when we do something, there will always be a moment, don’t know what to do next, what to do? Especially very afraid to be asked to say "do not know".

can be said in August this year, I am very sad because I was through the years, the operation of hard beauty website by sh419 K, I lost faith, once alone into the loneliness, helplessness and wandering, but I did not stop the global A5 forum, when standing before they do occasionally to send abroad what the chain, but the site was K, I also reluctant to give up at once, and then in the A5 Adsense nets to see other webmasters to share experiences, observed trends in the A5 forum webmaster. So sometimes all day in the global A5 station network. This bubble a few days later, I found his own business in A5, A5 trading I received some of the list, did not expect a few easy list to earn money, so I found the taste of the money in A5, and full of confidence, perhaps in the A5 to make my life again the starting point.

through this story, I want to say is that we live or work, will inevitably encounter some ups and downs, not do not rush to change anything, always afraid of what will miss… To learn to wait, to dare to persist, to brave the wait, perhaps in exchange for another unexpected result.

read such a story, originally a very assertive and daring SEOer, appear in the search engine, the fluctuation that for a while, when he peers are like ants on a hot pan, to study the variation, discussed how to change the site, he is the only decisive choice stood aside, wait. Just a simple, regular updates, send the article, a chain, a day later, there was a very surprising result, all major changes of the site have been K off, but only managed to retain his website.

The first feeling


I am

finally to all committed to the Internet industry friends said network beauty lies not only in that it collapses distance and makes everyone yourneighbor, the best thing about it is that it is uncertain, so many people face the test, make a different decision, get different results. Never mind the difficulties encountered, to be good at observing patient, is also a kind of knowledge, not afraid of failure, hardships again! When you work in learning, encounter >

for 8 years, we have seen it all changed in November 6, 2007, Alibaba listed on the Hongkong stock exchange, the market value of 20 billion U.S. dollars, a China largest Internet company myth, many Internet companies have also had a similar embarrassment, but they are in a thorny choice to confound, stop before or choose to walk the road, while Ma Yun’s success is the bottleneck, dare to say not to know, wait, dare to wait..

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