, I worked with companies such as sh419, Tencent and 360 to manage products and technologies. In 2014, Wang Gang angel investors optimistic about the P2P car, the friends of the friends of the car investment. They believe that the line attributes of the team has been strong, Ali also have people from China understand the automotive industry executives, but the product is very weak, I found it.

During the period of

MemSQL chose Amazon cloud service AWS three years ago to provide computing power for the company’s operations and to test software products. "When smaller," Fran says

After graduating from Like MemSQL, Uber, a taxi application start-up company, recently

in Silicon Valley, technology start-ups often develop their businesses through cloud services. The cloud service allows businesses to get instant computing power through the Internet, and MemSQL, created by Fran in San Francisco, is no exception, renting cloud services from Amazon, the founder of cloud computing.

"all the pain of man is essentially anger over his own incompetence."." The angry Wang Xiaobao said, Jiang Qing has deep feelings.

but in May, about two years after the creation of MemSQL, Fran gave up Amazon’s cloud service and moved the company’s operations to its own old-fashioned servers. Fran argues that using these entity servers is much cheaper than using Amazon’s virtual machines. He said: "I am not a staunch believer in public clouds, and this is not an effective way in the long run."."

I’ve always enjoyed driving. I’ve been driving around most of china. Many young people have the driving needs, but buying a car, raising a car is not easy, the experience of renting a car is not so convenient. I realize that this may be the opportunity to friends.

two years ago, Jiang Qing worked at BAT to join the venture company car as a co-founder of friends". As a co founder of technology and product, Jiang Qing has participated in product development, team building, corporate restructuring, financing and so on. However, due to industry immaturity, team genes, short board and many other issues, nearly 24 months without access to financing, the project was suspended four months ago.

lead: "connection" magazine online edition published on Thursday entitled "why some entrepreneurial companies that use cloud computing is a waste of money" Why Some Startups Say the Cloud Is a Waste of Money the article said that the current Silicon Valley start-up companies have abandoned the use of Amazon and other providers of public cloud services, because of its the cost even higher than their own servers.

the following article is summarized as follows:

this is like a man watching a boat built by himself, slipping into the endless abyss, unable to adjust the direction. Fortunately, he was a few months ahead of the ship, unfortunately, but also in advance of the ship, because after all, this ship is he and his brother devoted a few years of painstaking work.

comes from Chiang Kai Shek’s readme and shares with your readers.

virtual software provider VMware Engineer Colbert Kate · Kit Colbert said: "I do not know how many companies from cloud computing, but in the IT market, the public cloud is indeed more and more expensive, especially when it reaches a certain size after."

, I’ve fought for it

most of its operations out of Amazon cloud services, instead turning to its own servers. There are many other companies, including mobile analytics platform Mixpanel and online clothing trade start-up company Tradesy, have also made the same move.


, however, it’s an unfamiliar concept for users to share their cars and get benefits. Many competitors educate the market in the form of subsidies, and then expand rapidly. Yohyo online for more than a year, the number of tenants reached nearly 300 thousand, the number of tens of thousands of car owners, covering Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu city in 20.

can’t bite,

Fran Kiel’s experience shows that, while cloud computing is appropriate for many tasks, including helping start-up companies to start, or running a modest site, it is not everything. When the 2012 Zynga 2.9, 0.02, 0.69% online business development to a certain scale, Zynga made a surprising decision to withdraw, most operators from Amazon’s cloud service, instead of using their own data center. Today, smaller businesses are beginning to pull out of the cloud.

I have studied the list of top ranked "PP" cars in the industry, and the configuration of the business lines. Other lines, I am not fully controllable, say the product technology this bar. I have calculated that, at the time of PP product technical team is about 100 people, 20 people are friends of friends, and finally got 50 people; they pay cash to more than us, stocks are more than us, brands are stronger than we are. This brings us a lot of difficulty with team chasing.

Eric · Fran Frenkiel Eric has broken the secular abandon the use of public cloud services, because it is too expensive,

at that time, in the performance of the product, we reluctantly took the PP car, but sales and marketing and management team, the friends of the friends behind more than one Dan PP.

, Jiang Qing had tried to exhaust all the skills put the project, but the end is powerless, he chose the project in a few months before leaving the outage. "The worst feeling, the deep feeling of powerlessness. Even if I stand on my toes, it won’t help me fight for it."

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