entrepreneurial technology and other aspects of the necessary information on entrepreneurship. You can also find like-minded game friends in the bar, set up your own entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurship, so that life is more exciting. Interaction and entrepreneurship will be the two eternal theme of the bar, where each player can find what they want or realize their value in the bar, which is our initial commitment.


in this industry virtual transactions, have seen a lot of people and things, engage in virtual trade businesses earn hundreds of thousands of years, earn tens of millions, there are overnight full sealing Dutch act of jumping.

traffic money station all the same, why traffic will Wangzhuan so popular? The reason is the flow of Wangzhuan station and other class PTC to make money is not the same, although also click on ads to make money, but the traffic stations are members of advertising, and then click. And PTC site is Adsense advertising, members click. The essence of the difference between the 2 is that PTC BUX of the site once the owners do not have advertising, it only accelerated the collapse of traffic; station because of advertising and membership, payment amount is very high, so it is more suitable for investment and cooperation. PTC site is by line deduct a percentage from a commission, and the flow of money to stand by, first member upgrade, this gave the webmaster eased a great deal of pressure. In the air of this pressure, the stationmaster has time to find a lot of advertisements to fill the gap. Most importantly, the flow of money making site, many people including Chinese members will be happy to upgrade, PTC webmaster less than a few days off the road, there is no confidence in any investment!

For quite a long time I completed the

players are more than just gamers. Players who play and start to make money are better at playing in their area, or say "play well"

< move > make business profit, with "compensate" relative: make money. Make a literal meaning is to use a knife or weapons to fight, which means getting with physical or other means, known, network game with real life as a virtual economic system, each game player can be in inside trade, so I am very eager to become a money home! Now talk about my inner thoughts


of course, not all investment flow Wangzhuan is a reality, we are not so much working capital, especially to make friends alone; another is not a good judge whether the site will fail or refuse to pay. Timing is especially important. Flow to do Wangzhuan payment, investment is inevitable! Why? The value of the investment rather than the value of the investment, at least 1.5 times the price difference, and lifelong. Early investment, may be able to receive money earlier. The amount of payment for a website can earn enough to upgrade to several other stations. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the popular stations and reputation stations. We must do early and make preparations for the early investment. The general webmaster have the flow of funds, it is easy to operate, it is not PTC can be compared, not once the capital chain, PTC is also the inevitable collapse sooner or later! The flow is much larger than the PTC Wangzhuan vitality.

a lot of game player just put the machinery to do a good job, also get the basic wages, if they can think more and more practice more learning may be better! If you do not enter this industry for more than 6 years, you can only be considered a rookie! Many of the ‘s old friend was asked that question, gradually with the ability I personally do not come, I was advised to do a forum, I accepted his advice


, I made my first stop, the player bar. There may not be so many people out there, but every IP I come here could finish the deal. That’s what I want. I hope every player who doesn’t want to be mediocre and wants to start a business can find the information they want in the bar,

earn non earned home! Make Zhan sound. From bay to floor. From shellfish, with wealth. Original meaning: means to buy and sell profitable

original network part-time network wljzw, reprint please retain, thank you!

virtual trading, this industry is still attractive, not many funds invested, but also for the community to solve those low educated, no technical players employment problems, and earn money or foreigners. So, virtual trading or entrepreneurship is pretty good industry, but this industry is really can not see through the virtual industry, the market is changing, and there are unavoidable risks imposed by the operators. So, before you start your business, think twice before you start your own business,

traffic is one of the mainstream Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, and the original Bux, the myptc class to make money as the site, there are more people involved in this industry will be in the future. This is also an unpredictable factors, many people are willing to the webmaster is a big question, but at least one thing is for sure, the number of registered members of the site can greatly improve the strength of the other, attract foreign investment and advertising, Chinese investment now is more and more important. The question remains, to solve the liquidity, so long will Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, PTC still do not rise, it is not the flow of capital operation.


recently for a period of time, if you want to ask what the most popular Wangzhuan project, it is undoubtedly SkyDrive and SkyDrive make money flow Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station, we do not explore today, we mainly talk about the flow of money site.

I’m a professional gamer, playing games from a very small age, from miracles to legends, and my salary is on this. All of a sudden, one day, I feel like playing with money, how to make money in the game, the real players not only play badly, but also make a lot of money in reality.


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