yesterday July 31st, the source said, Alibaba will shield WeChat, Taobao, consumer marketing application data interface. In this regard, Alibaba stakeholders in the "daily economic news" reporter interviewed to confirm the news. The person said, WeChat has been suspended for the third party application services, the purpose is to control the risk of Taobao transactions. In the industry view, this is between the two giants of data and platform dispute. "If shopping from WeChat becomes a habit, this is absolutely intolerable."."

2 what website can join in promotion, which covered traffic sources of the alliance, the transformation of advertising products rate is greatly reduced.

two platforms are resorted to ban

recently in operation and promotion of a flow advertising alliance, half a month has passed, and achieved some results, but also encountered many problems, but also made some mistakes. How to better promote the advertising operation is a lot of people’s concerns, I tried to lower the threshold and send red envelopes of cash and other methods in the operation of advertising alliance, but these methods have a good effect? The following analysis:

this may also prove that the old saying a word, there is no threshold of things can not do it. Alliance promotion is the need for more webmaster to join, but we need to join the webmaster screening filter. To filter out the trash, all closed, will eat a lot of things can not digest, but also for the surgical treatment of appetizer off, increase the time cost.

1 motohi pay more is the small owners, said many small webmaster can integrate a large center effect in theory, to the long tail effect. But the problem of practice is that the number of small Adsense can not reach a sufficient amount, and at the same time, cheating is always going before cheating. How to judge whether it is cheating or not is also a difficult point to solve. Increase the amount of payment to the webmaster is not an obstacle, their flow enough to pay per day standards, so they do not mind, the union can also get rid of some small adsense.

alliance opened on the occasion, thinking in order to facilitate Adsense registration promotion. Alliance adopts the strategy is Adsense registration, automatic audit through. Save the webmaster registered account, but also need to find customer service audit steps. This pair of stationmaster is to omit one step, to us also a work link is short, also provided the convenience that cheats a gang to cheat at the same time. Such as:

in fact, in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of sina and micro-blog, WeChat has been rectifying the dazzling marketing tools on the platform. Last Friday, WeChat again banned marketing account strategy.

this also means that all applications in WeChat’s venture Amoy will face the risk of collapse, which have to carry out the transformation. WeChat previously said publicly that it does not support marketing services, and the Alibaba blockade will no doubt discourage entrepreneurs from copying micro-blog marketing ideas.

"we also see that the WeChat team recently introduced a number of restrictions on Taobao and Taobao WeChat goods sellers in marketing, in order to protect the users of WeChat, which is consistent with our protection and security demands of the user experience." Ali said in a statement.

Tencent blocked a group of WeChat marketing account news just came out, Alibaba will also be given back, the Internet has been restless again boiling.

is also in the name of the user experience, everything seems reasonable. But an anonymous electricity business insider told the daily economic news reporter that WeChat was "pre emptive" to isolate Taobao and that it was "user experience". After all, WeChat is a Tencent in the era of mobile Internet tickets, in order to do the marketing of WeChat plots, Tencent is not allow other people to share. In turn, WeChat’s contribution to the flow of Alibaba is not large, so even if Ali broke, WeChat can not

is open to all owners, 1 yuan to pay

hit 1 yuan to pay the slogan, apparently in order to let the webmaster account money, second days of the settlement will be able to receive, to attract more owners to join the promotion. Really brought a lot of webmaster, but some small adsense. This can trouble the financial, every day to N Adsense pay, play money is a big problem, money is not much, are more than 1 points.

3 small Adsense to join, did not give the alliance how much traffic, but increased customer service maintenance costs.

1 each background cheating scan can sweep a lot of cheating accounts, cheating brush flow accounted for more than half of the total flow of the alliance.

in the choice of webmaster, we have to choose the flow of the webmaster, for example, day IP more than 10 thousand webmaster. But some webmaster don’t like to give people to see statistics, you can check Alexa Rankings make a general judgment, choose Alexa ranking 1 million inside the webmaster. Alexa rankings are not good for traffic estimates, but they’re really looking for it right now

, and WeChat officials have repeatedly stressed that WeChat is not purely marketing tools, excessive information bombing will lead to user churn. Within a week, the Alibaba responded to WeChat’s ban. But Ali has also given a reason, "recently found that some sellers use WeChat marketing application harass users, even some sellers will lead the entire transaction process safety payment system of Taobao, so that consumers face a potential transaction risk. In order to protect the user’s user experience and control transaction risk, Ali temporarily stopped with WeChat related applications in the service market order."

reporter learned that blocked WeChat account for Taobao advertising public account, senior account function part of sending messages have been cut, including the number of fans up to hundreds of thousands of public accounts.


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