The domain name

they are preparing to play a "king of glory" competition.

a case that might change your mind,

, the domain name is a non renewable resources, the success of others can not be copied, flourishes mentality is not desirable; day and night to do a website, then earn advertising alliance points poor mentality is not desirable. Here a Arjun’s case, may change your thinking.

Wangzhuan his idea is very simple, simple to everyone knows, is the "auction", but seldom do the extreme, to a way of thinking, see how he is doing:

Huaxing ranks have reached the king of the strongest players "king of glory" of the highest level, and this game is the highest level of "eternal diamond" lower than the strongest king, Huaxing think bigger. Compared to PC’s MOBA Multiplayer, Online, Battle, Arena, multiplayer online tactical game games, a game of "King glory" is much faster. The game took only 17 minutes, Huaxing narrowly won.

The current

people of Du were Wangzhuan is collected may be acquired the domain name, November 30th, in the micro blog said: the sale of 2 domain names to thousand oaks group, changed a house down payment.

advertising alliance!

A Jun, blog:ajun123

night or day and night to do the mentality is not desirable

represents Huaxing’s contestants, neither "primary school students" nor "female students", but investors from Huaxing Alpha boss Zhou Xiang to general manager. A game to five players, two of them in the meeting room, a business trip in Shanghai, a business trip in Guangzhou, Zhou Xiang is just the end of a meal, the place to find a cafe, just to catch up with the game.

any product, registered users and activity of more than one hundred million of the time, the meaning and properties of which has become increasingly linked to real society and operation logic, you can refer to WeChat, and micro-blog these social software, the main user >

"Victory King glory" is Huaxing capital sponsored by the investment circle of "King glory" competition, attracted a total of 23 teams, belonging to more than 50 investment institutions of 138 investors to participate.

Beijing East Third Ring Road, an adjacent embassy district and Sanlitun’s senior office building. A busy and ordinary end of the day, the night 9 points, Chinese top investment bank Renaissance conference room lights, three pieces of the projection screen is also in operation, several young people grew tired busy.


two months ago there was news that the "king of glory" day has been billions of dollars, and even more than it developed in the PC side of the next five or six years of close relatives, "hero League.". In contrast, the latest Monthly Earnings show unfamiliar street for 85 million 200 thousand. As a national level product Tencent Inc, "king of glory" and WeChat payment products together won the highest award "2016 annual famous hall, direct power Tencent to become the world’s largest gaming company.

and Lu Songsong have known him for a long time, a do Wangzhuan 6 years, once through PPC let him the highest monthly income of 70 thousand, he does not rely on the website to survive, because he knew that the site is just a window to get to know all kinds of friends, so he only made a blog ajun123 however, this does not hinder his success on the web, yes, he is "A Jun", a person do wangzhuan.

wants to copy a huge profits product, first you must develop the point advertisement and looks at the advertisement the custom. Then go and analyze it seriously. Here, I’ll give you a case.

owners used the Wangzhuan way: website construction, website advertising, selling the domain name, SEO optimization services, PPC and so on, which can be subdivided, such as advertising, advertising alliance can be divided into direct advertising, subdivided in many areas, but most of the webmaster is confined to "free Wangzhuan" – the

I ran 6 products last year, 3 of which are TV shopping advertisements. The two is the best selling AD abdomen exercise machine and pedicure machine. Because I am in the movies at the time, see the AD abdomen exercise, and in dozens of television stations nationwide have dropped. I bet it’s absolutely profitable. Then I went back to the network and simply looked at the keyword search by using the index.sh419 sh419 index



suggests that the use of the Internet to make money online. When I see the XXX, XXX was acquired by monthly income of tens of thousands of webmaster excited, how we hope it happen to us. Some people say that the Internet is a copy of the industry, what others do, I’ll follow the copy, the same can be successful, in fact, the same, Taobao, Tencent, is not it,

investment people "pupil" game

at this time is Huaxing’s last second online qualifiers, to win the game, Huaxing can enter this "Victory" "King glory" event of the top 12. Before the game, they test the network communication tactics, discuss ban/pick hero, although not as professional occupation cybersports players, but also to want to win this game.



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