then I’ll talk about some basic conditions for applying for sh419 theme promotion. All of them are not personal. I hope I can help some people,.


the most important, the website should have value. If the value of a website, sh419 theme promotion can make money, including for the owners themselves and for the sh419 alliance to make money, it is in line with the basic conditions. There are a lot of Web site traffic is very high, but sh419 theme promotion is not suitable, such as tens of thousands of IP/ days picture stand, do sh419 theme promotion gains may be very low. For example, no traffic to the station, hang up the sh419 theme promotion advertising didn’t show what not to say, click.

ranked 50 thousand is only a reference point, apply for sh419 theme promotion was rejected, there may be this reason, more may not be ranked this reason,.

GG advertising should pay attention to a few points?:

1: click rate high GG advertising format, there can be no other GG content advertising

2: as little as possible. GG display advertising is generally the first to show high prices advertising, if you put more advertising, there will be a lot of low price advertising. In this case, click on the unit price will be low

the two one example:

comes from: blog.wps8, :, group 40641769

just saw a post, said the website ranked 450 thousand in the world for sh419 theme promotion have not been adopted, and ranked 100 by.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

One million people

1. has a certain standing in the industry,.

alliance provides some specific rules for promotion theme, such as the world ranking requirement in 50 thousand. Actually ranked fifty thousand is a constraint, because many small world ranking is far less than 50 thousand, especially a lot of garbage station, so the provisions of this requirement within 50 thousand of sh419 alliance, to eliminate most of the new station. The station and ranked 50 thousand with the exception of some industries, such as the station, even made the first major domestic industries, also can not enter into the 50 thousand, but they will be allowed to join the sh419 theme promotion, because they have a certain influence in the industry.

personal point of view, for reference only!

5. has no history of cheating

4., there is no copyright and other legal disputes,

3. has a wealth of content and popularity,


really can be promoted through the sh419 theme station, requires all or part of the following requirements:

2. has a certain influence in the region,.

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