Bu Guangqi had in June 5, 2006 founded the Chinese Newegg, easy fast network, and has served as the official CEO. In 2010, Yi Xun accepted Tencent investment; after that, it was gradually controlled by Tencent; in May 2012, the company disclosed that Tencent had about 80% stake. August 5, 2013, Tencent Inc issued an internal mail, appointed Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi, vice president of Tencent Inc, Tencent electricity supplier holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang reports.

in the first two days, pick up treasure net still share Wangzhuan and everyone’s experience, but today to pick up treasure net but not then share, because there are a lot of uncertain factors always comes so suddenly, so more people could not prepare for, had wanted to share with you how to get Taobao station I the article refers to the Taobao railway station is API station do it included millions, but Taobao customers have a destiny, a boarding in others under the wings of life, at any time may be abandoned at any time may also be recalled. Pick up treasure site started very early, in 07 years to another identity started in the 10 year began to pick up after treasure, the two words that life is so short, only a year’s time will disappear, there was brilliant, also had the decadent. But in general, he appeared.

Bu Guangqi’s departure time was in May or June of this year, but it was not until mid July that Bu Guangqi confirmed that he had left. Recently, the industry came news, Bu Guangqi will start again in Shanghai, set foot in the O2O project, and has received tens of millions of angel investment. The details of the Bu Guangqi O2O project are unknown for the time being, but Bu Guangqi has expressed his views on O2O many times before, and it is not surprising that he chose the O2O field. The following is Bu Guangqi’s previous statement or opinion on O2O:

pick up treasure net: using mode information around the API station building, adhere to the daily updates, every key, day forum, blog propaganda, treat him as their own child every day, but ultimately did not escape the fate, maybe you want to know how to do it included million, I believe many guest Let do this, but why should I talk so much, because I am not the other Taobao customers, I hold in my heart sad, although I am a man, but I have tears, I want to cry, crying out loud, but I can’t, because next door uncle aunt said I was again the Internet is not canceled. Really want to say to say, no matter who is willing to listen to, but as a higher on the net to push website so deep love person, if not completely release the gas in the heart, I think it is difficult to start again, before meeting some dull things, always call good best friend several disc live football, the voice inside my love the most, especially the kind of shouting "into the ball into the, a Qiaoshanzhenhu, kind of fun, I believe is not comparable, as not a love game lovers, it will suffice.

sequence: people in this life may do many things might with vigour and vitality, or being hit in the way that the disease stem with vigour and vitality of life in reality, too many examples, the reality is that you drive on the road not to hit others, others will hit you, there are a variety of hit your reason, you may deliberately let others hit, may be someone else hit you intentionally, may be another technology is not good, others in order to not hit the grass and flowers, so hit you.

January 22, 2011, a day I will always remember, a collection of large disappear for millions of days, a little learning English one day, one day will be warned all the guest.

· December 2013 2013 Hongqiao trade forum, Bu Guangqi: "with the development of mobile Internet, e-commerce entered the era of O2O, which is the third phase; will realize the fusion without borders at this stage of e-commerce and traditional retail".

pick up treasure net: maybe after sh419 can’t see genuine, if we want to see, perhaps in the SOSO above can see, let API stand included millions of, say to is not easy, it is not difficult to do. "

easy fast network founder, CEO,

coincidentally, after Wanda electricity supplier CEO Gong Yitao and COO Ma Haiping have also chosen after the departure of entrepreneurship in the field of O2O, and the traditional electricity supplier "tree, grass to students compared to O2O and > regional attribute

million European network was informed that the Tencent internal electricity providers have two O2O projects, which are "micro shop" and "Twitter Life", the former is mainly responsible for goods such as clothing retail stores and shopping malls and other scenes of O2O, which is mainly responsible for the service life of catering enterprises, such as KTV scene O2O. Among them, Yi Xun network involves more is "micro shopping."". Previously, Bu Guangqi entrepreneurship in the field of O2O, and micro shopping similar possibilities.

since March this year, Yi Xun network was merged into the Jingdong, the industry on the founder of fast and fast network CEO Bu Guangqi will be leaving the news. Although Tencent investment fast and easy network, Bu Guangqi had to serve in the fast and fast network to 2015 conditions, but Yi Xun network was Jingdong integration, as the founder of Bu Guangqi left early to become inevitable.


·: in March 2013, at the Analysys e-commerce conference, Bu Guangqi: "we see O2O again today, but it’s just around how to better meet customer needs.". Therefore, the future of online and offline combination, I believe it is a big trend, not all consumer demand is met online. A "future O2O is easy and we focus on the

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