chatted with friends from around the continent who realized that Hongkong and some of the traditional service industries in developed countries were still stagnating in the Web1.0 era. This is because the traditional vested interest group has long channel monopoly, then, the fast pace of life and the city to develop all sorts of people used to do the traditional think little of the pay behavior can be said that everything is waiting for O2Ostartup to break the box to the release of subversion. Ask any domestic student studying in Hongkong, all kinds of broken services in Hongkong

from the language of conversation, we can find a novice mentality: quick success and instant benefit. Make money online, this mentality is the most taboo, there is a saying called "More haste, less speed.", there is a word called "eat hot tofu", perhaps in the novice who is most suitable for me, and what no other meaning, after all, I am also a person, but we cannot continue this mentality, we in theory, you should learn to be considered. For example, ask to make money online is really that, did you ever think of making money online is not true, I do it? Waste look Sai, for a very simple example, Tencent, it is also engaged in the network to make money, to make money online is? 07 years earned more than 30 billion, which is from small to large examples of ordinary people think, of course, to do this, can do a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars even if it is the master.

online to make money is not easy, if you want something, you pay hard work and sweat, take out the perseverance, persistence and perseverance, you make money in this regard, increased self-confidence, you can also get involved in other industries. Earn 3000 per month, earn 100 per day is a conscious exaggeration of the statement. Also don’t want my friends to take a detour, spend a lot of time and spirit also did not make money, but to make money online have tired mood. In my contact time to make money online, always see the day to earn a few owners Moumou Moumou; advertising alliance earning N knife; believe that many people like me? This temptation is effective for many people today, so much garbage station, there must be reasons for this. One reason for this failure is also a lot of people the.

years ago, an article by Sina, "why do people in Hongkong do not love internet business", has aroused widespread repercussions in the entrepreneurial circle around me. The author’s argument can be summed up as follows: the market is small, no wind, Hongkong people do not understand the mainland, but also do not know so much about foreign countries. Frankly, intuitive, in place, can be described as a phrase. Over the years, Hongkong’s contribution to the Internet seems to have been to offer only the best overseas listing of Chinese Internet companies outside the Nasdaq, and the lack of good growth in startup production. All the time, even I also believe that the Hongkong Internet entrepreneurs only desirable business tax procedures are simple, friendly, and technology products a rapid iterative number, but recently called a GoGoVan high vans experience call trucks using Founder first hand, but people think again, playing time burn melee in the domestic giant O2O, whether Hongkong venture some invisible offbeat advantage began to become the meat and potatoes. Small and beautiful, there is still a lot of market space, all of the end of the team planning to implement properly.

In fact,

first look at the myth that the market in Hongkong is too small.

, which is mainly aimed at the market capacity of 7 million of the population cap, the inertia of thinking that the potential subscriber base is insufficient to prop up a decent Internet companies. To equate the market with the population simply seems to be a habitual thinking peculiar to the Internet industry. In fact, just because the local small compared to the mainland market, the need for pure online business model platform for a large number of users supported by the Hongkong market is too small, but easily assert that market size is not sufficient to support other Internet business model is a bit hasty. At least to some of the characteristics of the Hongkong market, the O2O should have a good potential, because the expansion of the O2O model itself in the mainland is vulnerable to each region’s user groups cultural gap impact. On the contrary, countries with smaller population base form larger markets because of their purchasing habits and cultural factors. You don’t see, Korean music is the main overseas market, Japan rather than the United states. All because the Japanese did not go through the Napster baptism, most people still used to buy CD, but Americans have long embraced iTunes music downloads, rather than spend more money to buy your price, CD is an example.


often heard some words like "making money online is true?", "can make a few digits?", "how to make?", "can teach me?", "do you think I’m trying to do now, a month can earn a few digits?".

we need to seriously think about it, I feel this: only need to sit in front of the computer, I have lost myself, do not stop to see the page; see the group in what is long; look at my website have included several; GG; today it several times and so on; what can be done. Imperceptibly 34 in the evening. Lie down and can’t sleep, but what have I done? "

back to me!

is the key for big market opportunities

victory and effort are inseparable, but you must learn to think, otherwise you will do nothing, or your pay and reward are out of proportion. I registered dozens of websites, the user name I can’t remember, as the saying goes, no pie in the sky, there is no free lunch! Because most are deceptive! Don’t listen to others’ nonsense, like those who earn tens of thousands, millions of annual salary, after registration will be able to sit at home and instead, only two hours every day surfing the Internet may make XXX and so on, most are some beautiful Huangyan, is nothing more than trying to let you go to the registration, in the end I managed to accumulate the disappeared, who pay

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