only, peers such as PPG, Dangdang, excellence are doing this, and in order to occupy the market, and improve the VANCL display opportunities on the Internet, where customers will be >


I can tell you the answer, certainly not! VANCL CPS advertising, as far as I know the results should be net doing the best, but the results so far from the network got into Eslite advertising costs only about 700 thousand, the conversion of sales is 4 million 375 thousand. This sales, relative to the total sales of several million customers, is not really the point.

this question is easy to answer, empathy, if you are a web site, CPS is free to choose, by now have VANCL fame, VANCL is divided into up to 16% I, what makes you an unknown and the percentage is only 8%

second: the cost performance of CPS

CPS English cost per sale, which is in accordance with the billing sales success of payment, in particular is not in accordance with the guide users after the arrival of the number of users have purchase or buy a certain amount of the proportion of billing mode.

3: why didn’t anyone launch my CPS ad?

personally, I think CPS is not the best choice for some B2C websites whose popularity is not high. CPS opening service fees and fixed management fees per month, in fact, there is no cost-effective. Just imagine, if you invest thousands of dollars a month, just a few or more than a dozen small websites day IP<, 1000 to launch, a month sales increase may not be more than 1000 yuan.

understands from text that CPS’s zero risk is due to commission on successful transactions. In fact, many people ignore two factors: one is the launch of CPS service fee and monthly management fee, CPS do a better job within the industry alliance is the result of CPS network, the opening of the service fee is 5000RMB, the monthly management fee is 2000RMB; two CPS is a non mandatory advertising alliance does not guarantee how many websites will put your CPS advertising, if your brand or royalty is not attractive, probably not several web sites.

fourth: VANCL is really by CPS defeated PPG

member Canjian home to Nanyang to play, it is not a small harvest. Since Nanyang and Hefei there is no direct access to the aircraft, so no aircraft to do, what I found is to make money, put stall there on the same day, oh is this occupation, is the so-called Kaoshanchishan by water draft relations, Nanyang is a famous city of jade, it is to use a word to describe each person, each high streets and back lanes. Where is the sale of jade. In Nanyang the place, if you want to make money, only 2 capacity can, 1; 2 to exchange is a bargain, will bid, will speak, will pull.

Many new

‘s visit, my brother took me to the jade market and found that everything in the jade market was astronomical. It was really high price, so I didn’t dare to look at it. I didn’t even dare to return it.. joke the price is very high, say, direct point is more expensive than gold, a piece of simple jade, very small, very ordinary, the price is 8900. Very terrible, finally in a shop, and a boss talked for a while, in fact, I was not how to chat, in Canjian brothers asked, understand a lot of things, the boss finally said he also in the Taobao store, and is the 1600 little credit, four drill. And it’s not surprising, but the surprise is that the boss says the Internet business is much better than his real business, and he’s very surprised

: first of all, what is CPS divided into ads?

, such as the current clothing market, 200% of the profits, the tea market is more than 500%, the food market is about 230%, and so on, and many are 1000% of the profits of the product. Maybe everyone didn’t find out. Say an example around us. You may know "how much is a bottle of ice Black Tea", the normal price is 3 yuan, but the supermarket price is 1.5 yuan the price is too high, you can see a bottle of Water Margin is the other half, they can feel products?.

try it? It’s simple, courageous, willing to invest a little money, willing to take risks. Now, this opportunity for me to find opportunities to make money comes with risk. Bold, cautious, a little bit, the executive can make money, timid, afraid of the wolf scared the tiger, is always beggars, never too successful. Now on the Internet to make money, in fact, we think the same is true, is the network changed the speed of execution, reduce transaction costs, broaden the trading platform, open up more trade relations, the last time I had been in the train on Taobao, found a new source of economic ideas and projects through the channel, click is based on the price of the number, the level of the cost to click, but we can combine a thing, pay off promotion to sell something, you may not know, now the price is relatively low, the sale price is relatively high, the general profit in more than 50%, here I can say is any product, you can first understand.

A few days ago to

B2C counterparts in fantasy in CPS into Eslite advertising, by 16% to 10% of PPG, attracting a large number of individual owners invested, so as to defeat PPG. Think, as long as the money, earn less money or not to earn CPS into advertising is the best. In fact, this is not depend on the general!!

On the day of ! advertisers?

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