many people are thinking of the giants, but not reflected by the action; a lot of people have a perfect plan and plan, but nothing happened; a lot of people in the update site, no persistence in short, day in and day out…… there are too many things, because of the lack of action, but not below, unfortunately, too.

how to overcome human "lazy", how to improve the "execution"? A5 forum 3, launched the "improve the execution action giant!" the baby interactive theme post, deputy general manager of Xuzhou and please A5 graph king letter Technology Co., Sun Min, together with the discussion of the "execution" topic. Part of the focus of this summary version, I hope to help you.

: Excuse me, how do you control laziness in the course of work? How can you improve your self-control? What is the best way to do this?

answers: "at the beginning of the people, sex is lazy." we are not born hard, and the key is the need to drive. Find yourself a reason and motivation to stimulate your excitement. Self-control can be trained by developing a training program.

: inertia is the natural enemy of development. People often love to give themselves reasons, how to change it,


answer: give you a suggestion, go to training, give yourself no reason to find the case, you can go to try: every day for 10 yuan living expenses, including transportation costs, dining expenses. Go out with only 10 yuan (extra money is not a penny), go to adhere to a week, two weeks, two months, a month…… Let’s see if you have any spending habits on your hands. The same applies to your work,

: there are so many ideas and so little to do that they often miss a lot of opportunities. A set of plans, before the wolf scared the tiger afraid, what is the way to overcome


answer: a lot of things, do not think too much, just do it, as long as you work hard, often there will be harvested. In addition, the plan is formulated with a combination of goals and realistic interests. For example, how much traffic, how much activity, how much revenue should be achieved by the site, and often after the goal itself, there will be some sense of accomplishment. Plan not too big, otherwise, the sense of achievement will be less.

asks, "information is the most priceless." this is the beginning of Wang’s signature. I would like to ask the king Wang, "how is the information channel obtained?"


answer: information is the most priceless, originally to emphasize the value of information. Grassroots Adsense, mostly in single handedly fighting, facing the vagaries of the Internet, but also the need for information. Only when you keep abreast of the latest and fastest information can you synchronize with the times and not easily go astray.

asked: network promotion is a difficult process, I would like to know how to promote the early stage of A5 do? Do publicity need to adhere to, please tell me how you step by step,


answer: network promotion is a non – >

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