when I was at school, math must have come to think I was excellent, 100 points to take 90 points, and Chinese stayed at sixty or seventy. The most afraid is on the composition class, two hours a word can not hold back. Out of the mix, to the full stomach, so Biechu a hundred Internet article. I told my friend, "I hope I can finish an article in 30 minutes that day.".

recalls my online writing process, and I think it can be divided into three stages. The first stage: SEO needs, write soft text to do the chain. The second stage: writing to become a network celebrity. The third stage: record life and thought with writing.

one, writing = outer chain

writing, originally thought just for a simple outside chain, but the results of my SEO in the micro name and small profits.

began studying SEO in 2008 and did not know what the boss said about the SEO split. Publicity big bird (A5 was able to write before the article cattle) is the soft Wen faction of the SEO, and who, who is what, what pie, can not remember. I think that estimate is often watch bird publicity articles under his influence, coupled with the chain is very important to SEO, and the soft can solve this problem very well, so the soft love pie SEO.

since want to become soft Wen pie of SEO, have to start writing. I remember when I wrote a SEO article, probably called SE lure Baidu spider, in fact, it is changed into someone else’s article published on Admin5. The king of the picture, the great man. Since my article on the front page of this school when I was most afraid of writing the person writing with confidence that you are born to be the master of writing, teachers are just entertain an angel unawares, can’t find my world’s wizards.


, write an article every day. Get up early every two days, turn on the Admin5 at once and see if my article has been examined or not. When I see my article on the front page, the mood of the day is high. This kind of life lasted for about a month.

because often write SEO articles for reasons, Admin5’s editor in chief, hadron think I’m a SEO expert, in fact, I’m a novice for about a month or so. At this time, just Admin5 organization in QQ group lectures, hadron invited me to share the next SEO. I am very happy to agree, what can be said, I do not understand what keywords layout, word segmentation algorithm, and other sophisticated things. Then look at the invited lecturers are real cattle, such as DEDECMS developer IT Platon. I was just a hadron will not, then you’re screwed.

I wrote my notes and wrote no more than three subjects. Finally, I was otherwise. The last thing I can do is share with you how to learn SEO quickly. I have friends in the lecture after a few minutes a few curses on the initiative back, but a lot of people think.

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