human development has gone through the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the steam age, the electrical age, and now we have entered the information age. In the information era is the first productivity, if you do not grasp the information, if you come, you are likely to lag behind the whole society, even to be eliminated, grasp the information, in order to grasp the future.

webmaster navigation site introduced a lot of webmaster related website information, I quite like, join favorites. Entering the ranks of owners is not a long time, the webmaster information know less, always wanted to find some webmaster information websites to supplement knowledge, an ample supply of food, good to the webmaster ranks. Today, I’m grateful to find a window like the webmaster navigation website. is a webmaster information forum webmaster navigation website, we compiled some webmaster need web information and information technology is a tool platform, guide the webmaster more convenient to find needed information. There are several websites that are especially good, and share with webmaster friends here.

we all know, now the Internet, webmasters, information, information types of sites are also many, large and small, countless. Stationmaster kind of information website amount is much, it is to satisfy the stationmaster group that increases day by day. There is market demand, demand will promote the development of the industry.

webmaster network, webmaster alley, Chinese station information, portal and so on, are relatively complete information website, covering the industry news, hot spots, as well as between the webmaster experience, experience, communication and so on. Looking at all types of webmaster websites, the content is basically the same. Not only is the webmaster type website, in fact, the major portals of information content is eight or nine, no ten, hot news basically almost the same, but each person loyal web site is different. Webmaster information website how many, each other’s user is also cross. So, users choose a website and become its long-term users, many times not because of the content of the website, but the style of the website. The overall image of a website, whether or not to retain users, is determined by the user’s first visit. Website image is important, color, structure, layout, and sometimes details can retain customers. The above mentioned several websites, no, not in detail to make an article, concise and generous, user experience is good, can form good user stickiness, guarantee website traffic.

has some information a little weaker, mainly in technology to win the website, such as flying stationmaster, ASP owners, Chinese 3A webmaster college and so on, to provide a lot of guidance technology exchange station. Although the king said, "site technology is not the most important, but not a little technology does not understand, there should be a little technical foundation.". The above several sites to novice webmaster provides a learning platform, learning site technology, SEO optimization, and some teaching materials and so on. A little bit of technology, the heart is not empty, and website is more practical.

also has a webmaster training, too

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