Chinese medicine from the perspective of hyperplasia of mammary glands

Department of breast lobular hyperplasia of liver qi stagnation, phlegm and qi stagnation caused by emotional unhappiness, mental depression and other factors related to. If there is a relationship between husband and wife, sexual life is harmonious, can maintain good mood, liver accessibility, blood reconcile, it is not easy to breast lobular hyperplasia. Therefore, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, harmonious sexual life is an important measure to prevent breast lobular hyperplasia.

western medicine to understand breast hyperplasia

sex life also helps to reduce the incidence of lobular hyperplasia of breast. This is because in the life of breast, will produce a series of periodic changes such as: during sexual excitement, breast venous congestion, increase in size, become more plump; during sex, areola hyperemia, nipple erection.

breast hyperplasia, sexual pleasure?

orgasm, breast excitement will reach a climax, 15 to 30 minutes after orgasm, the breast returned to normal. This series of changes in the function of the breast is a good regulation. Once because of sexual repression and the lack of this physiological regulation, the female endocrine system may be disorder, it is easy to occur in the mammary gland of continuous congestion swelling, causing breast hyperplasia, and even breast cancer.

so, as a woman, must not have sex life as not essential activities. In sex, women should strive for self satisfaction.

in addition, lobular hyperplasia occurred with the age of unmarried, primiparous age more than 30 years old, never give birth, postpartum lactation, abortion, sexual dysfunction and so on, therefore, prevention of this disease, should also promote the age for marriage (preferably not more than 28 years old), reproductive age (preferably not more than 30 years), try to avoid miscarriage postpartum lactation.

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