soft text of high conversion rate should let many small and medium-sized enterprises and webmaster benefit, this is a low-cost, high return method. But write a high quality soft text to have good conversion rate, otherwise it is difficult to see the real effect. Write a high quality soft Wen, at least from the following four aspects pay attention to, pay attention to user experience, from the customer’s psychological start.

1, have a clear understanding of the location of the website. In fact, that is to tell the soft Wen writer, to promote what, promotion to whom, the breakthrough where, need text editor to seriously think. Figuring out whether to promote the specified keyword or a specific product or brand. Then write accordingly so that you are more direct.

2, soft Wen title is the eye, good soft Wen absolutely has a personality distinct title, let users look at the first sight, there is continue to click on the desire to go, this is an important step in the soft Wen success. Soft Wen Title length should be between 10 to 20 words, otherwise it is easy to cause net friend antipathy. In addition, the title should be naturally inserted with the corresponding keyword or brand name.


3, the soft is the core content to ensure absolutely original, sentence is smooth and easy to understand, not pedantic. Try to use short sentences to take care of the reader’s psychology. What is the content, you can combine the current more hot events to write, in which appropriate, flexible, interspersed relevant keywords, but not too much, a 1000 word soft Wen, at most 3 to 4 can. If possible, you can add anchor text or link to the site.

to stand in the user’s point of view to write, an excellent soft Wen should be in accordance with consumer psychology to create, have to understand what they want to see. For example, in writing an article about the new version of Korean women’s soft, you have to take into account the female consumer’s fashion needs is what, how to say, in order to move them to buy this product. Not to say in the tone of the seller, but to talk to friends or girlfriends to communicate with them, to narrow the distance between them and introduce the product and brand in a sharing way.

at the end of 4, not procrastination, the soft end should be "summary statements", but it is best to give the user a memory, you never say die, should be neither friendly nor aloof "is good. For example, said above about women’s soft Wen, we can say at the end: "now the concept of fashion more and more distinct and personality, choose their own is the most fashionable.". Time is more important for women. Use this limited youth to be a fad! I don’t know what you think,


written soft foundation, we need to have a certain level of writing, otherwise there is no way to talk about. Soft Wen should also include the marketing concept, I think is to seize the consumer psychology to write, based on the market situation and product information, find the one that makes the seller, consumers, media platform can accept the starting point for the creation of the soft, soft text is necessary link of success.

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