is full of longing for the cause of most people in the new generation of 80, they are not involved in the work of positive efforts to make some achievement is to find another way to develop their own, such as the station – as a webmaster! It is the dream of the realization of the heart has a development of the

blue sky!

he should be such a kind of people, to contact the computer now for 8 years from once ignorant of the game to a website now. There is a K, again up! But I don’t know whether he is a qualified webmaster, because the dream is still blank no accomplishment I still wandering in the industry! But so long time in 1 years to see themselves as a standing for some of the common heart mentality: in short " "

: the first to do a website at heart to please do not think too much, do not have too high expectations! This time is chosen to have a what kind of website, analyze the situation of the industry, whether they are capable! Then go to the next step how should the specific site " blood " how to quickly add! Do all this is the station. This time you may be full of enthusiasm, because of its curiosity, but for a long time on the website is still not Baidu has not included any mood will be low, this time is " is a self doubt; "! I do website is not good enough, why I worked hard but still did not return? White do? All this will continue with yourself. If you have this idea that I Can only say " brothers stick to it, you let go if really can not hold on, because after the road is still very long! "

second: when the site is Baidu and other major engines appear "excited" content is included that the pay will reward although it is not proportional, but still be happy! See that many people, including my love always give it all to tell friends they looked at the results of their efforts! Friends, or calm down, your way is just beginning. The content included only say you get recognized by the search engines, if you want the "full-time webmaster" this road is not by this little "success" flow is the hard truth! This time called upturn will add a force, because the faster web site update, the spider is the more love oh! As the original content, if it could not write to CTRL+C CTRL+v I don’t want to do that a key acquisition! Of course a dumpster except, there are a lot of people rely on the quality of the number of sites to do the station instead of a website


third: there is a successful failure, do not know should think of these! Your website is K? I think most of the webmaster have this energy! To pay to get up early to the computer in front of the screen.

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