Google and AdWords AdSense as everyone knows, is Google their products, the former is the main site (the publisher) is an Internet advertising services, the latter is the key word for advertising platform for advertisers to launch. We usually in some websites (especially small and medium-sized website) to see "Google advertising", of course, with these two platforms are closely related. But recently, we have not noticed such a phenomenon: Google announced back / out, large and small websites displayed advertising, is to promote Google’s own products.

this is a really fantastic human fact — Taking advertising matching high well-known AdSense advertising, advertising will actually most of the website, to promote their AdWords Google keyword advertising discount. However, from the side of this matter, we can also see that although Google has not yet fully withdrawn, its status in the country has been much worse than before.

relies on AdSense advertising, and the space for survival is decreasing by

You do not know

Webmasters and Bloggers have recently found that traffic from Google gradually decreased in (at least in my blog is this — this is Google) the negative effect produced by the exit of the most intuitive reflect. When a site traffic sources mainly rely on the Google search, it is now subjected to flow down the horrors, especially our original blog. Traffic drops, advertising hits naturally decline.

in addition, the main way to boost the click through rate is to try to match the ads displayed on the site to the content of the site, so that visitors feel that the ads are valuable to them. But Google is now changing countless ads into their own products, matching nature is no longer than before. As a result, the click rate falls linearly as an indisputable fact.

, for those sites that rely heavily on Google AdSense revenue to survive, this is a fatal blow.

The number of advertisers in

Google AdWords is down by

this is just a conjecture and very sure (but can be taken as a fact). The negative effects of Google withdrawal are eroding Google AdWords positions. Concerns about the instability of Google services are likely to hit advertisers’ enthusiasm for advertising because no one can guarantee the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

does not have a stable advertising system that is not worth the trust of any advertiser because there are not many advertisers who are more interested in taking the initiative to share risks with others.


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