students, recently, fifteen Mid Autumn Festival will come on August, then, when the festival comes. As a micro quotient, how do we do promotional activities? Xiao Bian summed up the following points:


1, micro electricity Festival Promotion, pre preparation is very important,

now, with the advent of the "age of perceived consumption", consumer buying habits have changed dramatically. Consumers are becoming more and more "freewheeling"".

micro electricity providers before making promotional activities, we must first clearly to whom the dissemination of information to determine the receiver, the dissemination of what information content, when and where to spread.

, in specific planning, there are several tasks must be done:

1, micro electricity supplier promotions need accurate positioning, the theme is bright. In the end is to convey to the consumer brand image or reality?.

2, determine the best program for micro electricity supplier promotions. In addition to advance careful planning and personnel arrangements, but also have a good plan the purpose and intention into the hearts of every one, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, but also a detailed promotion plan and details of training of sales personnel.

3, to determine the micro business promotion time, sales time sooner rather than later. It is better to be three days ahead of the opponent so as not to be beat by the opponent. Even better planning should seize the opportunity.

4, to create a good micro electricity providers to promote the scene atmosphere. Such as promotional advertising to color, micro electricity supplier "decoration" to be just right, to stimulate customer desire to buy.

5, the development of an appropriate sales target and incentive program, the discount should be obvious, do not engage in too complex, so that people feel less expensive feeling more obvious, such a micro electricity supplier promotion program success probability greater.

6, micro business promotion cost control, to "for oneself condition", so that they can have better effect. It is important to do a good job of budgeting before you make a good profit.

7, make assessment summary, for the next micro electricity supplier promotional activities accumulated experience.

8, the last point, and the most important point. Micro business is different from the store, the store is fixed in the store, as long as consumers came into the shop door, almost all the goods at a glance. But micro electricity providers are different, there is no physical store restrictions, if the guidance is not good, the customer is easy to run away.

two, micro electricity supplier holiday promotions how to create an atmosphere of

holiday promotions, designed to deal with seasonal products and brand image promotion. Micro electricity supplier brand image mainly through store decoration and commodity packaging to present.

1, micro electricity supplier overall decoration to highlight the festive atmosphere. Micro electricity supplier signs, navigation, promotional areas and even commodity description templates are necessary to join the festival elements. For example: Chinese traditional fireworks, firecrackers and other materials can highlight the atmosphere of National Day

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