mentioned personal website, everyone thought that personal independence blog, running a large number of grassroots Adsense operation notes, or technology blog, SEO blog, share the life there, but not many of these websites emerge, we are familiar with are not many, but another point, we search to technical problems, mostly from in these grass-roots blog, or some resources also can get from these grassroots personal websites, more than 90% of the grassroots webmaster can not rely on their own sites, many grassroots Adsense is slowly give up update, no new content for several months, do not stop, seems aware of the way the real problem.


1: the platform has outstanding advantages and the future of personal websites is vast;

The rise of

emerging from the media platform, the traditional personal blog that since the media gradually replaced, people gradually found that rely on the personal website did not get good results, but also their own maintenance, but also the domain name space cost, but also the need to ensure data security backup. All these, if you have to do, really expensive and demanding for the grass-roots webmaster, do not intend to expand, will not invest huge resources to maintain, as an important prerequisite for profit is not so easy, how long can still a problem.

from the new media platform, such as today’s headlines, a bit of news information, Sohu, WeChat public platform, etc., for the majority of people from the media to provide a full range of services, as long as you write, write out the content published on the line, do not worry about data loss, do not worry about the problem of the server, even you don’t have to you can get traffic promotion. This is a huge impact on the personal website, by this point, many grassroots webmaster has been powerless, why write a few years of the blog, as these platforms an article obtained good effect? Struggling website or why focus on No one shows any interest in? Personal website, why has not received a penny.


two: get user difficulty increases, and user stickiness drops;

The rapid development of the

social networking and mobile Internet, through Seo to get traffic more and more difficult, the flow is more and more dispersed, not accurate, user retention rate is very low, although every day there are hundreds of thousands of people to visit, but the access depth is low, the two visit is less and less. Old users also have several frequent visits, and users are less involved. Although hundreds of people may visit your articles every day, there are few people who would like to leave a comment on your website. And since the media platform now, with independent app and share button, can quickly in the circle of friends and social communication, is the personal website in the mobile There is nothing comparable to this, today, although most of the individual website also can well adapt to the mobile terminal, its own limitations, still can not stop the user’s choice, to the decline has been.

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