, a simple French greeting. Hello,.

graduated from the University for one year, for their own ideal goal – France. I didn’t find a job. But concentrated in learning French. Ready to go to France to study hard every day. I learn French. And the French exchange. Since I have no hobbies. What is when I came in March this year. Come into contact with the owners of this occupation. I feel good magic. Even such an occupation there. I was deeply attracted by this occupation. He began to study the production site.

zero basis, beginning indescribably more depressed. Add N of the QQ group. The question went to ask. But not many people will answer me. I began to frantically search. Admin5 find the problem answer. Learning knowledge. Since the students make a website. I started skipping the whole. Day not to go to class. The study site day and night. I never all night, all of a sudden become a night owl. Often because of a problem in a few hours, or even days. Finally it was discovered that in fact is a very simple question. This is the webmaster occupation need their patience to study. I to explore. Feel this progress quickly. Learn a lot of things. So for a small test chopper. So they began planning to make a website. I bought the domain name. Buy space. Then began painstaking research DEDE. Kung Fu. I stand finally during the 5.1 completed. . the kind of joy, believe you are experienced. It is the first station of their own. The solar cell… Have registered to a satisfactory domain! In this occupation are so magical.

tells all the new people here, and quickly start making websites. Only practice can produce results,.ALLE, ALLE, ALLE…

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