CN for a domain name, to give up the feelings of many people, from silence to prosperity, from prosperity to decline, the reason actually is who caused all this, I think everyone has an idea of their own, is not easy to express it, CN domain name registration amount to the present, has exceeded ten million, one of the largest domain name registrations, just a few years time there is such a high enrollment, we have to admire in the Chinese price war is fierce, 1 dollars or even not money can have many webmaster domain names, including many Harbin website construction are not the temptation to start a large-scale registration, cybersquatting, negative effect and low price bring also followed, especially some illegal websites, you can not letter I closed my IP domain name, domain name, anyway, cheap, I Registered a 100 letter, you slowly, you blocked the 100 I have 1000 out of your letter, to finally put the supervision department is obviously desperate, one is to the market, on the one hand is the negative impact of too much, in an awkward position can only endure, is inevitable. But today, finally endure to the end, the amount, the pursuit of quality, who can understand this truth, is a market behavior, but the behavior of market strength is very great, so, as a site construction, I understand, even very understand.

I was in support of the national introduction of this policy, the pronoun I don’t want to look at the CN domain name into a garbage, even the search engine to the CN domain name weight drop very low, which is a representative of the domain name Chinese meaning, is a kind of sad, think of other country domains such as JP, US Ru, on behalf of the state, these same domain is quite sought after in the country, a lot of people do foreign websites are finding ways to register his country’s domain name, and CN in Chinese is low-grade goods, just have a customer asked me, give me a few, I put to use again however, your station is com, and as a construction site in Harbin developers, but I did not dare tell customers too push CN domain name, if the customer said I deceive him, in order to save a few blocks, I is not bad money, but if there are only people who gossip Can so.

Limited Registration, CN domain name, is not necessarily a bad thing, everything has two sides, it needs the test of time, I hope that until 5 years later, CN domain name can also become a top class domain name, also hope that the search engines are not looked down upon it.

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