has been thinking of returning to Ali’s mother, bringing in a little more income, and now regretting. (site, my cell phone, listen to the net)


Ali’s mother came into being, Baidu and it were awkward, and all the websites with their mother’s code were black and later eased,

, but it has a serious hangover,


this code can let me put the plague, traffic from 20 thousand straight down to 8K,

a lot of people have also reflected. Some people say that is not the mother of Ali code.

I intentionally Ali accounted for 80% of the reasons,

although recently also added youDay code, but many websites put this, ah, this is not the reason, we can go to http://s.www.52sjtt.com to see.


youDay is Baidu is not included in the station, but it can bring many times the income of the mom.

may be the mom regardless I used a bad way last year, but the wrong instead of good, great Yan.

, why don’t I have hundreds of traffic,.


and Baidu, would rather die than disgrace, retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

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