what is the most important thing to do in chain trading? Smart, service, communication, etc., the lady says she is right, she says she is right. Want to link up and sell the business to do well, these are essential, then what is the most important thing,


link sales process, the most important thing is two words – integrity,


has links to the sale of the business market intrigues chilling, many people rely on deception of the home, but many owners cheated after you have a stomach gas! How many webmaster meet the eye everywhere around us,


integrity! Why so difficult! It comes from some owners of the garbage, no pollution in the every hour and moment link trading environment! In fact, link business, making money, why not think of those before the crooks do business how to behave?


"network integrity" refers to a mutual trust network relationship formed between the network, between the webmaster and the link transaction. It constitutes a repeated communication sale between the buyer willing, even willing to pay more money to continue this relationship.

network integrity has many characteristics: one is invisible; two is the same as always like a shadow in between, and the connection between the webmaster website transaction exists and functions; three is silently affecting network, website, owners and buyers and sellers image etc.. Image is a kind of soft productivity.

every webmaster has countless dreams, but not every webmaster understand honesty, and even cherish their image. It’s a punishment for him who doesn’t know the dream. Because he was in the virtual network once again made a real liar! Deep down, occasionally think of again and again will suffer the condemnation of conscience!


so, honesty is the most basic principle of my business, no integrity of the people, cheated once, can not cheat two times. I will continue to operate their own good station: www.cnzhulu.com chase China, my contact QQ:117550211

here I may thank you once helped me the webmaster, who once and I have the link is trading, and I have a link in the transaction, there will be a link trading and my webmaster, thank you.

think engaged in links to the sale of several months of experience, I think only two words, do link business to do, want to always operate their own website only two words: honesty! Hope to have this dream about friendship webmaster participating posts and I like, thank http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-235924-1-1.html


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