should be regarded as the strong technical strength of network company, did not think of the website also has been black, it is too easy to let people do not think, people don’t black your website, direct black DNS analysis you, this trick is also to our small owners reminded that, here I will talk a personal view.

1. Select the importance of DNS parsing

, when we register domain names, we must first understand DNS parsing, such as new network analysts, a few times a month, who can stand it?. Of course, no man is perfect, but he must have a degree. When we register the domain name, it is better to choose the company that can transfer freely. Because once this company fails, I can transfer to another company. Baidu’s DNS analysis on the wrong, and it does not mean that Baidu’s technology can not, but also shows that Baidu also needs to improve. We’d better choose the Registrar who is always in charge of the analysis. For example, there are many foreign websites that are in effect at all times.

two. Importance of alternate domains

when a DNS problem, we change the analytical business immediately, may be too late, because China Telecom DNS cache to a certain time, some areas can see the effect immediately, some have to wait for four or five hours. For example, we Chongqing it, and now some people say that Baidu is good, we can not open the same line of Baidu’s Web site. Our best is to prepare a spare in the domain name, web page prominently displayed, let users remember, so that in case of analytical error, to retain part of the user, will not The whole army was wiped out.

three. Each Datong website declares

Baidu this time is too bad, and their analysis of error, and do not come out to say a word. So that users feel no resistance. Of course, Baidu search engine is Chinese boss, it is not necessary, but if your site fame is not very big, when the site has a problem, it is best to look at the forum, to see if there is no mention, if someone mentioned, to reply, or let the user run. You see, today, Baidu made a mistake, the big forum post said this thing too many people, some people say that hackers hacked, and some people say that Baidu Inc collapsed, such negative information is too bad. Of course, Baidu has been in the hearts of the people, the short hours of these hours have no impact on him, but in the international community, Baidu’s reputation is greatly reduced.

to sum up, here, I wish Baidu early recovery, we all can not do without you. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS:

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