pregnant women also need to add iodine, pregnant women during pregnancy, iodine demand will be greatly increased. So, you can begin to eat more salt, kelp and jellyfish, shrimp and oysters from before pregnancy, or yellow croaker, seaweed, shrimp and seaweed, as well as a series of bean products also contribute to iodine absorption. We read the above content, the preparation before pregnancy will have a more comprehensive understanding of. As long as you have a good state of mind, healthy body and adequate preparation, you can soon have a healthy baby.

adjust your body is a must do before pregnancy. Both husband and wife need to be in the first six months of pregnancy conditioning body, as early as possible as early as. Do not get in touch with radiation or viral infection before pregnancy, stay away from toxic substances and chemical drugs. Had done abortion surgery must be in six months after the woman, conditioning the body and then plan to have children.

before pregnancy The birth of this

has been widely accepted, more and more parents worry that their children will lose at the starting line, so before pregnancy will be all ready, hope can start from conception for the baby to provide a favorable environment. Preparation before pregnancy is very important for couples who are pregnant. What are the preparations for pregnancy? Come together and see if you’re ready.

preparation before pregnancy and physical examination. Plan to have a baby couple to the pre inspection. Understanding the physical condition of both parties. In the case of genetic diseases, AIDS or leprosy and other infectious diseases are not suitable for children. Before pregnancy preparations and timely supplement of vitamins and trace elements, suggests that women can take multivitamins, one day a.

folic acid can prevent fetal neural tube defects, but also for abortion, anemia and fetal growth retardation in pregnant women have a certain effect. So, preparations before pregnancy have prepared 3 months before pregnancy folic acid supplement. Our daily diet can only provide about 0.05 mg of folic acid for the body, but in fact the daily needs of pregnant women 0.4 mg of folic acid deficiency, so only through Folic Acid Tablets added, and folic acid supplementation in a long time, the best to stick to the 3 month of pregnancy.

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